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Sharina, 37. Being a busy mum to a lively four-year old son and leading her own catering business, meant that Sharina had become careless about eating a healthy balanced diet and slowly the weight had crept on.

Since using Yokebe with a healthy diet and doing regular exercise, Sharina is noticing the difference and feels great for it! The convenience of shakes has meant that she has been able to fit them around her full-on life, encouraging her to lose those extra pounds and feel healthier.

How have you found using Yokebe?

The plan is very easy to follow. It comes with a recipe booklet too. As with all diet programmes the first week is the hardest but it gets easier once you get into the routine of it. I think the programme is very handy especially on days you are very busy as it is very convenient to just drink it and have a healthy meal.

How does it compare to other diets you’ve tried before?

I've done one diet that involved a protein shake. This one is easy because it keeps your life simple. I enjoyed healthy meals and snacks alongside the shakes, there were some great recipe ideas on the website.

What have you enjoyed most about following the Yokebe plan?

I enjoyed the fact that I don’t have to cook all the time or worry so much about what I have to eat. It’s given me time to consider my choices, now I can actually say I don’t crave for sweet/salty or sinfully delicious food.

What have been your highlights?

A friend said ‘hey you’re wearing jeans today!’ and I jokingly answered ‘that’s because the jeans fit me now’ – and thinking about it later, it was actually right, I wasn’t joking. I wasn’t wearing jeans before because I wasn’t comfortable with it, and now they fit nicely. My clothes started fitting and I’ve started wearing white again!

Sharina before
Sharina after


Denise is a 41-year-old mum from Ilford with a busy life working in a full-time job and looking after her two young children. After turning 40, Denise lost her incentive for keeping at a comfortable weight and saw the pounds piling on. She started using Yokebe along with a healthier diet and lifestyle in preparation for getting into a new bikini for a holiday with friends, as well as her son’s bar mitzvah at the end of the year.

How have you found using Yokebe?

I have found Yokebe very easy to use. It takes 30 seconds to make each morning, I just add the powder and oil, shake it up and I’m good to go. The portable shaker makes taking it to work or out and about easy too.

How does it compare to other diets you’ve tried before?

Although this seems similar to other shake diets, I love the thick natural shake and the great taste helps, and the fact that you can add your favourite fruit and flavours makes it very versatile.

What have you enjoyed most about following the Yokebe plan?

I think the thing I have enjoyed most so far is how easy the diet is. No complicated plans to follow, no extra bars or snacks to buy, and the flexibility of a healthy low-calorie meal once a day. I’m noticing definite results and this is really pleasing.

What have been your highlights?

I’ve got into a pair of jeans that I haven’t been able to get into for ages and my clothes generally are fitting better. I’ve had lots of compliments already, people saying that I look thinner, I’ve been feeling quite healthy and it’s made me focus on what I’m eating at mealtimes.

I’ve noticed that I’m less hungry when I am actually eating meals, whereas before I would want a larger plate or second helping. I’m finding I can easily get away with a much smaller portion.

Denise before
Denise after