White hot for
glorious grey
and white hair

White Hot is a capsule collection of hair care products created especially for grey and white hair.

White Hot was inspired by the experience of founder, Jayne Mayled, when she embraced her natural grey hair. As someone who loves beauty products, Jayne wanted products that worked, but made her feel great too. She couldn’t find them, so decided to create her own.

White Hot expert formulations

Grey and white hair in all its many shades is a glamorous and stylish colour choice. However, it can need a little extra care and attention to help it look and feel its dazzling best.

White Hot is a regime of shampoos, conditioners and styling products that brighten, cleanse, condition and add style and definition to grey and white hair. All wrapped in a divine fragrance that helps it feel truly luxurious. The expert formulations contain carefully chosen ingredients that work for the texture and condition of hair that no longer has its pigment:

Keravis: Smoothes and strengthens hair to bring back bounce and shine

Blue Lupin plus optical brightener:
Found in White Hot Brilliant Shampoo and Intense Lustre Mask , this removes dull yellow tones for dazzling shine and helps your hair hold its natural brightness.

Shea Butter and White Truffle: These ingredients are known for their moisturising properties, to help hair that might feel dry

Baobab Oil: Found in the African ‘Tree of Life’, this oil bursts with light-giving and moisturising nutrients. It’s used in White Hot Lifeshine Oil

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