Top tips for embracing your grey

Top 10 tips for embracing your grey.

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and embracing your natural grey hair, here are some tips from White Hot founder Jayne’s hairdresser, Nicola Reckless, on how to approach the transition.

Hairdresser Nicola Reckless, with White hot Founder Jayne Mayled

1. Being able to take the plunge is all about confidence – you’ve got to sort out what’s in your head before you change what’s on your head.

2. It can take time to decide you’re actually going to go for it. Don’t rush yourself – you’ve got to feel ready.

3. Do it when you’ve got a hairdresser you trust and let them help you. Talk to them about the process and how best to approach it – they know your hair better than anyone so they can help make it easier.

4. Think about when you were younger and dyed your hair a totally new colour and it felt great – embracing your natural grey can be like that too.

5. Remember that it doesn’t have to be forever: if you don’t like it you can change it.

6. There’s lots you can do to make the change a gradual one, for example, chunky lighter highlights that you gradually pare back each time. You don’t have to go ‘cold turkey’.

7. Cut enhances colour and vice versa, so you may want to think about a new style while you’re making the transition. A bob always looks fabulous with grey and white hair.

8. Grey hair is NOT about letting go – you need to plan in a trip to the hairdresser every five weeks to keep your hair looking in top condition.

9. If your eyebrows are going white too, try and add the colour back – it will help frame your face and make your eyes a focal point. Use a pencil rather than a tint, it’ll look less harsh.

10. You have to think of your hair in its newly natural state as a whiteboard. Without its colour pigment it’s going to show up dust and dirt, especially if you use hairspray. So, if you want your grey or white hair to look bright, vibrant and eye-catching, use products like the White Hot range to neutralise any yellow tones and make your hair look its best.