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Teeth Whitening

Who doesn’t love a bright, Hollywood white smile? The only thing that might put you off is the Hollywood price tag that comes with it. But not to worry - we have a huge range of everyday and premium tooth whitening products that won’t break the bank.

Having gleaming white teeth may seem like something you can only really achieve through dental work, but that’s just not the case. You can achieve a sparkling smile using toothpaste specifically designed to whiten teeth. Fortunately at Boots we regularly have offers on our huge range of everyday whitening toothpastes, from Colgate to Arm and Hammer.  

For years, people have been looking to get white teeth, which is why there are ancient ingredients that you can use to whiten your teeth. Like charcoal, for example. Used in Mr Blanc Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste, the charcoal removes tannins (tooth stains) from your teeth without harming the enamel. So you have beautiful white and healthy teeth!  

There are lots more products available at Boots stores and online for you, other than toothpaste. From Laila London whitening tooth powder to Rapid White Instant Whitening System, there are lots of ways for you to achieve that perfect smile.

Don’t forget to grab yourself a Boots Advantage Card next time you pop into one of our stores. You can collect four points for every pound you spend. So as well as gorgeous teeth, you can get a treat for yourself too!