Maclaren Sovereign Lifetime Warranty™

The Maclaren Sovereign Lifetime Warranty was created because we stand behind our promise to make strollers that are safe and built to last. Durable, timeless and incorporating the highest standards of safety and quality, each stroller is guaranteed for a lifetime of use.

The Sovereign Lifetime Warranty is unique in the parenting industry – it exceeds statutory requirements across all markets and offers a lifetime of protection should manufacturing troubles arise down the road.

Maclaren is the only brand in its sector to provide a global network of service centres to support its warranty programme. This premier resource is intended to provide peace of mind and convenience to all parents wherever they are in the world.

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Global Safety Standard™

Since the first baby stroller was patented in 1965, Maclaren has created products that stand for safety, quality, innovation and style. As part of our design heritage, we are uncompromising in our standards which are the benchmarks for our industry. In 2012, we enhanced our safety features even further by moving to one Global Safety Standard™. Maclaren evaluated more than 50 countries where our products are sold to determine the highest standard for safety compliance worldwide.

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