Be the best Secret Santa

Whether you’ve got a work colleague or one of your besties to buy for, find the perfect Secret Santa present thanks to our top tips and gift ideas

It’s the most social time of the year, when groups of friends and colleagues gather together to celebrate the festive season, usually accompanied by the addition of Secret Santa… a fun little game where you can make someone’s day with a simple token gift. But finding the right pressie is no mean feat. Maybe you’ve got the office newbie who you’re only just getting to know? What about the group joker who you have to crack up? Finding that perfect Secret Santa gift can be more than a little tricky! Worry not, we’ve handpicked a collection of goodies and some top gift-hunting tips to make your experience as the man in the red suit a little less stressful. 

Where to start?

First things first - how to know what to buy? Whether you’re buying for a friend you’ve known for years or someone you’ve just met, here are a few tips on how to quietly discover more about your receiver:

Play detective

Drop into conversation a few questions about what they’re up to over the Christmas break, like who they’re spending it with and where they’ll be.

Be a bit sneaky

If they’re close to someone in the office or they often hang out with another friend of yours, ask those pals for a few little insider insights.

Look them up online

They’re bound to have some helpful photos and comments on their social media accounts that spark a thought or two.

Be nosey

Find out what they do in their spare time. Are they a fitness fanatic or a book worm?

Once you’ve done a little Sherlock Holmes style groundwork, it’s time to get shopping!

Choose the perfect gift

Now you’ve found out a little more about them, let the gift-hunting fun begin. Whether you’re sticking to a small budget or splashing the cash, you’ll be sure to find something they’ll love here at Boots. 

There are craft ales and chocolates by Hogs for the guys who like it local, a Man Flu Kit for the one who’s always complaining of a cold, and a travel mug by Caffe 1461 for the guy who can’t go a day without his caffeine hit. 

And for the ladies there’s everything from Joules Bath Fizzers for the ones who could do with a little R&R, to Harmony In-Ear Headphones for the one who’s always trying to put her dodgy tunes on in the office. Simply choose from our many ranges of Christmas gifts and enjoy the look on their faces.

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