Attends are a leading provider of continence products to the NHS and consumers worldwide. Available are a full range of products for all levels and types of incontinence. The products are designed to provide outstanding leakage protection, skin dryness, odour protection and comfort. The icons* as presented on this page symbolise our product benefits and provide evidence that Attends products are equipped with the latest technology in the absorbent hygiene industry.

*Depending on the level of absorbency and the design of the product. Different products may carry different technology icons.

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Skin Health

pH value
A more neutral pH helps to protect the skin.

Breathable material contributes to maintaining healthy skin.

Active zone
Provides high absorption in the pad where it is really needed for exceptional skin dryness and leakage protection.

Natural odour protection
For long-lasting freshness, we have introduced a protection padlock on the Attends packaging with a clear consumer promise.

Dryness and Discretion

Attends offers you dryness and discretion
When you see this symbol, you will know the products have a super-absorbent core which offers excellent leakage protection and skin dryness. On top of this, the design of the product and the Odour Protection technology will give you maximum discretion.

Single wrapped
Some light incontinence products are single wrapped for improved hygiene and discretion.

The proDERM Institute for
Applied Dermatological Research

Research has tested and approved Attends incontinence products. proDERM is constantly evaluating how well the skin responds to products, such as shampoo, creams and eye-drops. Look around and you will see the proDERM seal on more and more products. The seal will tell you that the product lives up to the highest quality standards.

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