People who have reached their weight loss goals with the help of XLS-Medical


•    Lost 24lbs over 12 weeks using XLS-Medical Fat Binder 

•    Starting weight: 10st 8lbs

•    Finishing weight: 8st 12lbs

Claire is a busy mum who realised her weight had crept up over time and, a year on from the birth of her child, she realised she was still using her pregnancy as an excuse. She recently got engaged and, after picking the perfect wedding dress, she wanted to kick start her weight loss to look fabulous on her big day. She lost an incredible 24lbs over 12 weeks using XLS-Medical Fat Binder. 

She says: “XLS-Medical changed my life. I’m comfortably in a size 8 now and have a new and healthier relationship with food. My dress fits and I can’t wait for my wedding!”


•    Lost 18lbs over 12 weeks using XLS-Nutrition

•    Starting weight: 13st 2lbs

•    Finishing weight: 11st 12lbs

Sade realised she wanted to lose weight when she felt like she no longer had the energy to keep up with her little children any more. She wanted to shift a few pounds so she could get back to running around with her kids, and feel like her old self again. She replaced two meals a day with a delicious XLS-Nutrition shake and had one healthy meal a day. She lost an amazing-18lbs over 12 weeks using XLS-Nutrition. 

She says: “The shakes were really tasty and easy to fit into my day to day life. They’re packed full of protein, so I felt full and could resist snacking. Before losing the weight, I felt really lethargic, now I feel amazing and I’ve got bags of energy to run after my children.”


•    Lost 18lbs over 12 weeks using XLS-Medical Fat Binder

•    Starting weight: 12st 2lbs

•    Finishing weight: 10st 13lbs

Tricia decided she wanted to lose weight when she saw a picture her husband had posted on social media, which she thought she looked awful in. She didn’t recognise the woman in the photo and hadn’t realised how much weight she had put on. She had a holiday coming up and wanted to kick start her weight loss, so she felt great in all the holiday pictures. With the help of XLS-Medical Fat Binder, she lost-18lbs and felt like her old self again. 

She says: “I found taking the tablets really easy. I now can’t wait for my holiday. I feel really comfortable in my own skin again, and I’m finally excited to wear a bikini.”



XLS-Medical is a healthy and effective weight loss range1 which can help you achieve your weight loss goals. With a variety of products including tablets, sachets, teas and shakes, you’re bound to find the right product for you. We’re the number 1 weight loss brand across Europe and all our products have been rigorously tested, are efficacious and well tolerated.2

XLS-Medical is here to help you boost your weight loss, and we strive to provide the best diet tips and advice to help you reach and maintain your weight loss goals in a healthy and sustainable way.  

All our products should be used in combination with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.