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women's health

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*Dual Defence can help shorten duration & severity of cold & flu like symptoms when used at first signs ​​​​​​​

†In the first cycle of use, vs not using ovulation tests ​​​​​​​

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*This service is ONLY suitable to those NOT experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. ​​​​​​​

Women's Health

From dietary aids to pain relief to sexual health products, you'll find the women's health selection you need from Boots. In addition to trusted products, in our pharmacies Boots also offers women's health advice and a cervical vaccination service (charges apply). Help stay healthy and happy by shopping with Boots online or at our locations across the UK. Visit the Boots women's health centre for information specific to women that can help you stay healthy in all areas of life.
Diet and weight management
Having a positive body image can be an important part of women's health. Boots women's diet and weight management products and services can help keep you positive. Boots stocks many supplements and vitamins to support women's health. Choose beauty vitamins to support hair and nails or energy vitamins for an extra boost throughout the day. Boots also has pregnancy vitamins and supplements to support women through the menopause. Women's sexual health from condoms to information on emergency contraceptives and sexual conditions, you'll find plenty of products and services for women's sexual health at Boots.com. For bladder infections (cystitis), Boots has options and advice to help you through. Browse our cystitis relief aids in our online pharmacy.
Period management service and pain relief
Manage your period effectively with Boots' online period management service. Have an online consultation, then choose your delivery options and pay online. For pain relief, browse our period pain medication or choose an alternative relief such as the Cura-Heat Period Pain heating pad.