Time to put self-care right at the top of your to-do list

You really don’t have to jet off on a sun-soaked retreat to get the benefits of a more wellness-focused life (although wouldn’t that be lovely!). We’re big believers in the power of wellness products to help us feel our best.

The wonder of self-care is that it means different things to everyone. Lucky for you we totally get that. Depending on what areas in your life you’d like to focus on, we have a whole range of different products for you to try. Time to take a peak at our picks.

Fitbit Charge 4

Step to it

Looking for a product that’ll help you lead a healthier, more active life? This is the one for you! Thanks to this sleek, water-resistant fitness tracker, you’ll have all the data, inspiration and guidance you need to reach and smash your goals. With built-in GPS and sleep tracking, there’s no limit to how far you’ll go. 

Innermost Health Protein Powder Vanilla

Let’s shake things up

Getting enough protein in your diet is super important as it helps build muscle. This powder works well whizzed up into a shake and is also super yummy swirled into your fave baking recipes. Protein powder not really for you? That’s cool. We have loads more protein-packed products available that may tickle your tastebuds.

This Works Deep Sleep™ Pillow Spray

The land of nod awaits

There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep. Drifting off and resting easy has never felt so sweet thanks to this ultra-soothing pillow spray. Simply spritz the calming chamomile and lavender infused spray a few times before you curl up for the night. Let the sweet dreams begin.

My Viv 10 Function Pebble Personal Massager

That’ll hit the spot

It’s time to say yes… yes… YES to sexual wellness. This pretty pastel massager, designed to sit in the palm of your hand, allows you to control your own intensity. Although it can be used wherever you fancy, the curved tip works wonders for targeted and more intense clitoral stimulation. Perfect for solo use or together. You can thank us later!

Headspace Mind Gift Card

Breathe easy

Headspace is the meditation and mindfulness app everyone needs. With a library of exercises, the app can help you gain a healthier perspective to any part of your day. This six-month prepaid membership card gives you access to the full Headspace Plus library – a wonderful treat for yourself, or a thoughtful gift for someone you love.

Yumi Apple Cider Vinegar - Apple Flavour - 60 Gummies

Locks of love

Self-care starts from the inside out. Yummy gummies that taste great and are also packed full of vitamin B12 and folic acid to help maintain normal blood formation, cell division and function of the immune system.

Boots Good Gut Live Friendly Bacteria 30 Capsules

Good for the inside

Did you know a healthy gut can also help your mind feel great too? Pretty crazy we know, but it’s thanks to the 100 million neurons that are found in our gut. If you’re looking for a way to help keep your gut happy, make these capsules part of your daily routine.

Dragonfly CBD Cannabidiol Oil 500mg

(CBD)ive right in

The range of different CBD products popping up are really taking the wellness world by storm – and it shows no signs of stopping. If you’re looking to dabble in the world of CBD, this vegan friendly oil is a great place to start. Designed to be taken as part of your daily routine, pop a few drops under your tongue and you’re good to go!

Bach Rescue Remedy Dropper

Flower power

When your head’s feeling frazzled and you need a moment of calm, make these floral essence drops your BFF. Simply add a few drops to your drink or under your tongue when it’s time to take an ahhh moment away from the chaos of your busy day.

Boots Skin, Hair & Nails

Strong & healthy

When we look our best, we feel our best.  Are we right? Specially formulated with 14 vitamins and minerals, including biotin, vitamin C and zinc – our capsules support healthy skin, hair and nails. You’ll be glowing in no time!

Voila! The wellness wonders you need in your life. Whatever takes your fancy, you’re in for a wonderful self-care treat – enjoy!