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STRESS INCONTINENCE – Where little leaks occur during activities like sneezing or coughing is most common in females. The pelvic floor muscles are unable to tighten, which can be caused by a number of things including, pregnancy, obesity, menopause, chronic illness and prostate surgery.

URGE INCONTINENCE – is where you may have a sudden urge to urinate and have leakage after urination (especially in men). This can also be referred to as an overactive bladder, where the muscles in the bladder contract involuntarily. Urge incontinence can be caused by incorrect signals from the bladder to the brain, nerve damage, surgery or psychological factors.



TENA Men for discreet protection 

One-in-four men experience urine leakage including drips and dribbles. 

TENA is trusted by millions of men worldwide, being 100% discreet and 100% secure 

• 100% discreet with a thin and light design 

• Comfortable shape engineered for a man’s body 

• Unique odour control system helps prevent unwanted smells 

• Fits securely and discreetly in your own underwear (pads and shields) 

Available in a range of: 

• Shields and pads for light-to-moderate bladder weakness 

• Underwear for heavier bladder weakness 

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Lights by TENA for every day leaks

One-in-three women experience bladder weakness at some point in their lives. 

Lights by TENA are designed to handle those little leaks, with five-in-one freshness which includes: 

• Fast absorption 

• Long-lasting dryness 

• Securely locks in moisture 

• Breathable side panels 

• Reduces odour development 

Available in: 

• Light, Single Wrap and Long 

• With Normal, Fresh Scent and Duo packs available 

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TENA Silhouette female underwear for extra security 

For moderate-to-heavy bladder weakness. Just like underwear, protects like TENA. 

Benefits include: 

• TENA’s Triple Protection technology 

• Real underwear look and feel 

• Feather comfort 

• TRU Colour 

• Dermatologically tested and perfume-free 

Available in: 

• Noir, crème and blanc colours 

• High and low waist 

• Medium and large sizes 

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TENA Discreet pads for everyday care 

Around 35% of women have avoided a situation that makes them laugh because of bladder weakness. 

With Triple Protection technology which: 

• Keeps you dry with a surface inlet zone 

• Secure fit and designed with the female body in mind 

• Controls odour with active micro-fresh pearls 

Ranges available: 

• Discreet range available in Mini, Mini Plus, Normal and Duos for light-to-moderate bladder weakness 

• Discreet Extra range available in Extra, Extra Plus, Maxi and Duos for moderate-to-heavy bladder weakness 

• Discreet Night available in Mini and Maxi Night for nighttime bladder weakness 

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TENA Underwear

Unisex pants for higher absorbency 

TENA Pants are white soft and comfortable, with pull up fit just like regular underwear. Designed for moderate-to-heavy bladder weakness TENA Pants have a highly absorbent core that quickly and effectively locks in liquid for total security. When worn, our thin and flexible core shape forms two absorption chambers, (Dual Absorption Zone) that effectively channel moisture away from the body. 

• Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture 

• Dual Absorption Zone for optimum dryness and protection 

• Soft and breathable material for soft comfort 

• Integrated leakage barriers for additional security 

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†Is Myriad 2013 survey of 1,000 women in the UK conducted in June by OnePoll. 

^Mason L, Glenn S, Walton I, Appletion C. The prevalence of stress incontinence during pregnancy and following delivery. Midwifery. 1999;15(2):120– 128.