Our brand

We believe there is more to life than taking care of your skin, but feeling confident in your skin matters. Whether you need daily maintenance or targeted solutions, we have a variety of skincare to help.

Our collection of everyday effective products make achieving and maintaining a clear and healthy-looking complexion simple without over drying.

Our ingredients story

We’ve combined the known antibacterial properties of tea tree with the soothing and calming benefits of witch hazel, for clear and healthy-looking skin.

Attract dirt like a magnet with our Activated Charcoal range. Perfect for skin needing a deeper cleanse, this range draws out deep-down impurities, without over-drying the skin.

Cleanse, care & fix

Shop across the Tea Tree & Witch Hazel portfolio to find the right regime for you.

Cleanse: Our face washes and scrubs cleanse away impurities to leave skin clean and comfortable.

Care: Our mattifying moisturisers hydrate skin without blocking pores.

Fix: Our skincare solutions target specific skin concerns such asblemishes and blackheads.