A force to be reckoned with when it comes to detangling, blow-drying and styling, it’s our innovative teeth technology that sets us apart from the rest.


The original and best detangling hairbrushes. Our award-winning detangling hairbrushes are kind to the hair, detangling with speed, ease and with minimum fuss and breakage. All thanks to the innovative two-tiered teeth technology; the long teeth detangle and the short teeth smooth the hair cuticle for healthier-looking, glossy hair. In fact, 81% of women agreed they had smoother and healthier-looking hair after using a Tangle Teezer for 30 days.*

5 out 5 stars
“This brush is amazing and every girl should have one! I have really knotty, frizzy, crazy hair and I can brush out the knots quickly without loosing chunks of hair. It fits in my hand perfectly and you can get a good grip on it.
Worth every penny!” review by RachelJulie


The low temperature styling tools for a healthier-looking blow-dry.* Our incredible blow-drying tools take the hair from wet to dry. The innovative teeth technology deliver free flow tension and draw water away from the hair creating a quick and gentle blow-dry. The Blow-Styling Round Tool helps to achieve natural bounce and volume with no frizz whereas The Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool leaves hair smooth and shiny, without the need for straighteners.

5 out 5 stars
“I used this brush to blow dry my hair and
looked like I’d stepped out the salon. I have never been able to blow dry my hair like the stylists do. It was easy to use and left my hair looking so shiny.” review by bagpuss100


The styling hairbrushes for volume, texture and shine. Featuring our latest innovations, The Ultimate and Back-Combing hairbrushes are all that’s needed to dry-style and dress the hair. Whether you’re looking to create volume, texture or height, craft updos or simply add amazing smoothness and shine to your hair, they’ll do the job with ease.

5 out 5 stars
“Fantastic when putting hair up into a ponytail, smooths hair effortlessly and doesn’t hurt a bit. Fabulous for hair that hasn’t been washed recently, as it makes it look healthy and shiny.” review by fliberty


*This research was carried out in May 2016 by Mustard Research, an independent research agency, in accordance with the Market Research Society’s code of conduct. In a trial lasting 30 days, 187 women replaced their existing brush with a Tangle Teezer brush (The Original, the Thick & Curly, or the Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool). Improvement in hair was measured across metrics such as hair smoothness, shininess, condition, and softness etc.