The lowdown on sweating

From boobs, balls & more

No one’s immune to the odd wet patch, especially when the temperatures start to rise. So let’s talk about sweating: from the ways it can support our health, to what to do if you feel you sweat too much.

Why do we sweat?

Although it may not be welcome during a work presentation or first date, sweating is actually very normal. Everyone does it and needs it to help cool down and regulate their body temperature – think of it as your own little air conditioning system, as whenever you’re overheating it switches on to help bring a welcome wave of cool. But what exactly is sweat? It’s simply water, salt and protein leaving our body.

What about sweaty balls & boobs?

Sometimes sweat can creep up in places you’d rather not mention, but there’s no shame in having sweaty balls or boobs during the warmer months. If you find yourself feeling a little damp down there then invest in some Below the Belt Grooming, which includes freshening sprays and washes to help keep you clean and dry.

The general rule is, the bigger the boobs the bigger the sweat. So if you’ve got those gorgeous curves then don’t be afraid to rock them because of a little boob sweat. Here are our top tips for helping to prevent it:

• Pop a little antiperspirant under your boobs

• Apply a dusting of talcum powder

• If you want to be extra prepared then apply a panty liner inside your bra to help soak up any sweat

• Switch up your bra – just as you would change your make-up from winter to summer, do the same with your bra and opt for one that’s a little more lightweight

• If you’re feeling your summer self then you could even go bra free!

Why do my feet smell?

Each foot has 250,000 sweat glands, which can produce up to half a pint of sweat a day! And after being inside a shoe, with natural foot bacteria and fungi, feet are likely to get a bit smelly. Check out our range of odour control products which may help.

Our top tips for helping feet smell fresh are:

• Dry your feet properly after they’ve been wet, especially between the toes

• Invest in a good foot powder to help absorb any sweat

• Use a regular deodorant to help freshen up your feet throughout the day

What can I do about ‘nervous sweating’?

When we sweat, it’s usually a physical response from our bodies trying to cool down and regulate our temperature. But strong emotions such as excitement, anger or fear can also trigger the sympathetic nervous system, causing us to sweat. If you find that you get ‘nervous sweat’ before a big meeting, try a long-lasting antiperspirant. The key is applying it the night before – as we usuall