Halloween make-up: Spooky Jester

The creepiest of clowns, the Spooky Jester look is super simple but sure to scare. So inject a little insanity into your Halloween costume this year and learn how to get the look below.

Step 1 – White base

Apply a near-white base all over your face with the palest shade of foundation you can find.

Step 2 – Red eyes

With a lip liner, draw a thin line of red underneath your eyes. It’s best to apply with a brush and line the inner and outer eye.

Step 3 – Set it

Set the base with a white powder. This mattifies it, and makes it easier to apply product on top.

Step 4 – Shadow sockets

With a matte grey eyeshadow, shade underneath your eye sockets.

Step 5 – Chiseled contour

Use the same shade of grey to contour under the cheekbones. Suck in your cheeks while you apply it to accentuate the hollows.

Step 6 – Black eyes

Using a black eyeshadow, fill in around your eyes all the way up to your eyebrows.

Step 7 - Blend

Blend the black eyeshadow into the grey using a clean brush. Be thorough and take your time to create soft edges.

Step 8 – Black outline

Outline your lips with a black eyeliner pencil.

Step 9 – Red lips

Finally, fill in your lips with a matte red lipstick.