Scientifically proven safe & healthy effective weight loss*

Suitable for vegetarians

A fragrant blend of vegetables in a spicy Thai sauce infused with coconut milk, served with Slim-Fast Slim-Taki™ noodles

Slim-Fast 3 2 1 Plan®

Had enough of complicated diets? Enjoy our delicious meal bars, shakes and indulgent snacks. Our plan is simple and proven to work*!

Pick 3 snacks a day. Slim-Fast noodles & snacks or fruit & veg

Choose 2 Slim-Fast meals, shakes or bars

Have 1 sensible 600kcal meal (800kcal for men)

Drink at least 2 litres of water and get some exercise

*Substituting two daily meals of an energy restricted diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss

Country of origin: UK

Manufaturers Address: KSF Acquisition UK Ltd., 3 Queen's Square, Ascot Business Park, Lyndhurst Road, Ascot, SL5 9FE.