How to look after your beard

Clean shaven is so last season. Turn heads with the best looking beard in town

The different types of beard

A beard can change up your whole look and, just like the hair on top of your head, you can style your facial hair in lots of weird and wonderful ways. Put simply though, beards tend to fall into three categories: Long beards, which usually need a bit more product and maintenance, short beards which range from a spot of designer stubble to slightly longer in length, and patchy beards where hair appears thinner in places or grows at different rates.

We’ll talk more about beard care in a sec, but for now it’s time to put your best beard forward and find out which beard style would suit you best.

Choosing a beard style that works for you

Jim Shaw, owner and director of top London salons Essensuals and EssensualsMEN, says the key when it comes to beards is to choose a style that complements your face shape.  

“Oval face shapes suit most beard styles,” Jim says, but his top tip for those with oval face shapes is to go for a beard style that’s not too full and has clean lines.

Jim reckons the good old goatee is the beard winner for those with a rounder face shape. “A goatee is perfect for drawing the attention downwards, giving the impression of a more elongated face,” he reveals.

The goatee also works well for those with square face shapes as it lengthens the appearance of the chin. “I also recommend a messier beard for square face shapes,” says Jim, “as more precise beard shapes will draw more attention to the jawline.”

Finally, for heart shaped faces Jim says it’s important to keep beard and facial hair short to avoid making your face appear smaller. “Opt for stubble that’s well trimmed and won’t be too overpowering,” he advises.​​​​​​​

Beard maintenance 101

When it comes to keeping the beard of your dreams in tiptop condition, you’ll need to put in a bit of legwork (but not too much, don’t worry!). With the right tools and know-how, you can keep a cool head with just a little at-home beard maintenance.  

Celebrity beard groomer Charley McEwan shares his golden rule when it comes to creating and maintaining a beard that’s epic in every way: “Take care of the skin underneath and your beard will thank you!” He’s a big fan of beard oil, which is great to use as part of a beard care regime, or on its own if you’re short on time. “A drop or two of beard oil as you go out the door helps your beard look well groomed, in a second!” he recommends.

Charley’s top tip for applying beard oil? “Massage the product into the skin in an upwards circular motion,” he says. This technique helps the formula soak into the skin and daily massage will help improve circulation, which has a positive effect on the complexion. Win-win!

 "Take care of the skin underneath and your beard will thank you!"

If you’ve got a long beard Charley recommends following a daily beard care regime. This can include washing and conditioning your beard, then massaging in oil or moisturiser and combing through any tangles. “I would use more beard oil for a longer style, to keep it well hydrated,” Charley says.

“For short, stubbly beards my top tip is to groom and smooth each hair in the same direction,” Charley shares. “This makes the beard appear well-groomed and styled.”

And for patchy beards? “I’d recommend products like the Brisk Intense Beard & Face Wash and Intense Beard Oil, which together help to support hair growth for a fuller, healthier-looking beard,” says Charley.

So what products might you need for a next-level beard?

Remington Beard Boss Styler MB4125

Keep your beard looking sharp

Once you’ve decided on your beard shape and style, it’s time to invest in a decent beard trimmer. After all, even longer beards need a little maintenance every now and then. This cordless styler has nine length settings and boasts sharp, serrated blades for a more precise cut.

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ManCave Blackspice Beard Wash

Freshen up

It’s no secret that beards can harbour all kinds of surprises, including dirt and crumbs. Giving your facial fuzz a regular cleanse with a beard shampoo will help keep it clean, healthy and free of any nasties. This one’s been formulated with tea tree oil and jojoba oil to leave your beard feeling fresh and hydrated.

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Woody's 2 in 1 Beard Conditioner

Smooth things over

After washing your beard it’s a good idea to use a beard conditioner to seal in the moisture and help reinvigorate the skin underneath. Really work it in there to help prevent dryness and flaking. This one from Woody’s has been formulated to help moisturise your beard and keep your skin in top condition too, plus the zingy grapefruit scent will really put a spring in your step!

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Brisk Cedarwood Beard Oil

Your beard's best friend

You should be using a beard oil once a day, preferably as soon as you hop out of the shower so it has chance to work its magic while your pores are still open. This one’s been created with a blend of natural and essential oils to really hydrate your beard and the skin underneath. The result? A tame, healthy-looking beard with no itchiness or dry patches.

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L'Oréal Men Expert Barber Club Short Beard Moisturiser

Soften that stubble

This moisturiser’s been designed with short beards in mind and it’s got two main goals: to hydrate your skin and soften your beard. Use it daily all over your face and neck and you’ll really notice the difference. ​​​​​​​

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Percy Nobleman Beard Comb

Not a hair out of place

If you’ve got a longer beard, you’re going to want to invest in a beard comb to help detangle hair, distribute product and put stray wisps back in their place. This stylish handmade comb has been designed especially for beards that are at least an inch long, and its generous size means it’ll make short work of grooming long beards.​​​​​​​

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And there you have it, everything you need for a best-in-class beard. After all, great beards don’t just happen by accident.