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Looking to go au naturel in the deodorant department? With the rise of new and improved formulas, making the switch has never been easier. From sprays to sticks, scented to scent-free, there’s a kinder-to-skin deodorant to suit everyone.  

Although natural deodorants have been making waves for some time, many of us have been reluctant to give them a go and sticking to our trusted antiperspirants instead to keep us BO-free. Effective, yes, but for some these ‘traditional’ options can leave their underarms feeling sore, dry or itchy due to their pore-clogging formulas. 

If this sounds familiar, it might well be time to make the switch and ditch the antiperspirant. Here we break down everything you need to know about natural deodorants – including our top 10 picks.

What is natural deodorant? 

As with most ‘natural’ products, there’s no official certification of what makes a deodorant natural. According to Clive Birnie, co-owner and director at PitRok, ‘They contain naturally derived ingredients in place of the more commonly used chemicals.’ 

Common chemicals found in traditional antiperspirants include aluminium chlorohydrate and aluminium zirconium – which work by plugging the sweat glands to prevent perspiring.  ‘It’s the blocking and swelling of pores that contributes to underarm skin irritation,’ says Clive.   

In their place, natural deodorants use antibacterial agents, natural fragrance and essential oils that keep underarms smelling fresh without plugging sweat glands. And while this means they won’t prevent sweat per se, many contain powders (like arrowroot powder and bamboo powder) to help absorb moisture.  

Does natural deodorant clog pores?   

Several natural deodorants, like PitRok and Salt of the Earth, rely on pure mineral salts (including ammonium alum) to help prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria. ‘Because the size of the salt molecule is too large to enter the skin, the formula does not block pores,’  says Clive.  

Other deodorising tech used by natural ingredient-based brands include essential oils for odour protection, coconut oil to moisturise and nourish skin, tapioca starch or cornstarch to help your pits stay dry and sodium bicarbonate to reduce underarm bacteria. 

What to expect when switching to natural deodorant 

There can be an initial adjustment period where it takes our bodies a little while toacclimatise to the change in underarm care. ‘If you’ve been a long-term user of antiperspirant, your body will take some time to purge the residue,’ explains Clive. 

This can lead to a period (of around two weeks) where armpits may smell unpleasant before the natural deodorant kicks in. Once it does, expect fresh underarms and, as many users report, reduced natural sweating over time. 

Is natural deodorant safe? 

‘All natural deodorants that are sold by reputable retailers like Boots are subject to the same product safety requirements of the UK and EU cosmetic regulations as the big brands,’ explains Clive. They have been through the rigorous product safety assessments required by UK law and are safe to use.  

Does natural deodorant expire? 

Yes, it does. ‘Like all cosmetic products, natural deodorants have an open jarsymbol on the label which indicates the shelf life of the product once opened,’ says Clive. For many, this is 12 months. 

Does natural deodorant work? 

Judging from the review section of some of our bestselling and top-rated natural deodorants, it looks like a definitive ‘yes’. You just have to pick the right one for your needs and skin type. From roll-ons to sprays, here’s 10 of the best natural deodorants that don’t sacrifice on performance…

Here are some of our best natural deodorants 
Best for sensitive skin

Try: PitROK Crystal Natural Deodorant Stick

• Size: 100g

• Alcohol and fragrance-free

• Suitable for vegans

• Dermatologically tested 

The ideal stick for sensitive skin, PitROK’s fragrance-free deodorant has been keeping underarms fresh since 1995. Powered by pure natural mineral salts, the dermatologically tested formula provides day-long protection by preventing odour-causing bacteria from growing underarms. Simply swipe the deodorant onto wet skin, immediately after showering or bathing, or dampen the crystal first.

Best for winning awards

Try: Salt of the Earth Classic Natural Crystal Stick Deodorant

• Size: 90g

• Alcohol and fragrance-free

• Suitable for vegans

 Arguably one of the best natural deodorants available, this scent-free stick has attained star status with four beauty awards under its belt.  Made from potassium alum (a natural mineral salt), this hero ingredient creates an invisible antibacterial layer on the skin’s surface to inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria. The results? Effective, long-lasting protection that (thanks to zero synthetic additives) never suffocates pores – instead, skin can breathe easy.

Best for on a budget

Try: Sanex Natur Protect Fresh Efficacy Roll-On Deodorant

• Size: 50ml

• Dermatologically tested

• Contains 0% aluminium salts

• Suitable for vegans 

A far cry from those wet, sticky deodorants of the past, this creamy roll-on effortlessly glides across skin, absorbing quickly for an ultra-comfortable feel. As for the formula, it contains natural bamboo powder to absorb wetness as well as a clean green scent to neutralise odour and provide all day freshness. If you have sensitive skin, note that this deodorant does contain fragrance.

Best for spray deodorant

Try: PitROK Crystal Natural Spray Deodorant

• Size: 100ml

• Alcohol and fragrance-free

• Suitable for vegans

• Dermatologically tested 

Prefer spray over stick? Then this one’s for you. As well as odour-busting mineral salts, this savvy spritz from PitROK contains soothing aloe vera and revitalising grapefruit seed extract, so skin feels instantly refreshed and never irritated. To use, spray onto freshly cleaned skin and wait a minute or two before dressing – this will help prevent any product transfer onto your clothes.

Best for travel

Try: Mitchum Women Natural Power Coconut

• Size: 40g

• Contains fragrance 

If you’re after a scented deodorant with good staying power, let us introduce you to Mitchum’s Natural Power. Laced with a creamy coconut fragrant blend, this deodorant stick seriously smells sublime – it’s crisp, light and lingers long after application. What’s more, the formula is aluminium-free and contains bamboo powder to absorb moisture and keep underarms fresh for hours (24, to be precise). Sold?

Best for sustainability

Try: Wild Pink Case and Refillable Natural Deodorant in Jasmine & Mandarin Blossom

• Size: 43g

• Aluminium-free

• Free from artificial fragrances

• Suitable for vegans 

Want to reduce your plastic use? Make the switch to this sustainable deodorant stick from Wild. Complete with a pink reusable aluminium case and a natural deodorant refill, this starter pack has everything you need to begin your plastic-free beauty regimen. Free from artificial fragrances and aluminium, the kind-to-skin formula contains tapioca starch to absorb moisture and natural floral notes to keep odour at bay.

Best for staying power

Try: Trust Anti-Odourant Cream Deodorant

• Size: 15g

• Aluminium-free 

The search for a heavy-duty deodorant that can stand up to hot climates, as well as strenuous physical activity, is over. This hard-working cream can combat odour for up to six (yes, seriously) days with a clever combo of natural and herbal ingredients. To use, smooth a pea-sized amount onto underarms before bed and come morning, the presence of odour-producing bacteria will be minimal – even after showering/exercising/working.

Best for roll-on

Try: PitROK Crystal Roll-On Deodorant for Women

• Size: 50ml

• Alcohol-free

• Dermatologically tested 

If you prefer your natural deodorant to be scented, step this way. Another top-rated roll-on from PitROK, this formula contains the same odour-busting ingredients but has the addition of a fruity fragrance to dial up that fresh underarm feeling. Dermatologically tested and free from sulphates and silicone – the brand assures that this gentle deodorant is still suitable for sensitive skin – but if you’re particularly reaction-prone, it could be worth patch testing it first and seeing how your skin gets on over 24-48 hours.

Best for absorbing moisture

Try: Mitchum Women Natural Power Eucalyptus

• Size: 40g

• Contains fragrance 

An invisible solid deodorant stick, this formula (that’s 96% natural and aluminium-free) never leaves any residue or stains on your clothes so that you feel comfortable all day. What’s more, it’s brimming with bamboo powder and botanical oil extracts to keep underarms dry and BO-free. As for the scent, expect ultra-refreshing eucalyptus and a citrus kick to boot. A great all-rounder.

Best for clean scent

Try: Wild Aqua Case and Refillable Natural Deodorant in Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt

• Size: 43g

• Dermatologically tested

• Free from artificial fragrances

• Suitable for vegans

• Cruelty-free 

If florals aren’t your thing, but sustainability is, give this Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt deodorant from Wild a whirl. Complete with a chic turquoise aluminium case and a natural deodorant refill, this clever starter pack is plastic-free and can be topped up with a new refill once you’re ready (refills last between four to six weeks). Swipe onto clean underarms and enjoy the long-lasting scent that’s inspired by freshly washed linen.

Natural deodorants: the verdict

If you’re looking to make the switch to natural deodorant, there’s never been a better time to try. Sensitive skin? Go for a fragrance-free formula. If you’re conscious about sweating, seek out sticks with drying mineral or plant powders. And for the sceptics – give Trust Anti-Odourant a whirl – it’s nothing short of an odour-busting miracle.

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