Get ready to meet your mask

With more and more being added to our skin routine, should masks really be included? Our answer is yes! But what are the best face masks and their benefits? Let us take you through the different types of face masks, what they do and why they’re fabulous for your skin.

They may look messy but they’re worth it, especially if you have oily, acne-prone skin. The benefits seem endless: they help to draw out impurities by absorbing oil, control shine, brighten dull and tired skin, help reduce pores and prevent breakouts by drying out your spots – satisfied? Good! Before using a clay mask, make sure to cleanse your skin, then apply with clean fingers or a mask brush, leave for the recommended time, rinse, pat dry and moisturise. Voila!

Again, messy but worth it! Mud masks are for the ultimate at-home spa experience as they’ll give your skin the nourishment it needs from the natural nutrients mud contains. They’re perfect for exfoliating naturally, tightening the skin and drawing the oils from pores. As they’re water based they’re very hydrating and fantastic for dry skin. Apply a thin layer once or a twice a week as needed, allow to dry, rinse well and finish with a moisturiser that won’t clog your pores.

Are the face shaped masks actually beneficial for your skin? Sheet masks are soaked with concentrated serum – so don’t be alarmed if they’re wet to the touch, as they’re full of vitamins and beneficial ingredients. They’re not that effective at drawing out impurities, as they won’t exfoliate or cleanse deeply, but it all depends on what you’re after. We recommended relaxing with one once a week for beautifully hydrated skin. Simply place on your clean face, relax and remove after the recommended time. Don’t rinse off, instead rub the leftover serum into your skin.

Is there a science behind the fun of the bubbles? The oxygen that’s pumped into the masks releases itself when applied, which can help to increase circulation for plump and bouncy skin. The bubbles actually help to energise and invigorate your skin, refining pores and evening skin tone. Their biggest pull; it’ll leave your skin brighter and hydrated – perfect for your winter skincare regime. Apply with either your clean fingers or a mask brush and wait for the fun to begin.

Top tip: Don’t put too much on and keep it away from your nostrils, or the bubbles may get out of control!

Charcoal may seem like a strange ingredient to put on your face, but it’s actually quite magical. Charcoal masks can draw out impurities, bacteria, toxins, chemical, dirt and oil to the surface of your skin. All of this miracle work should help give you a deep cleanse and help with acne prone skin by pulling the dirt out your pores. If you already have dry skin, these are a bit of a no-go as you’ll want to keep the oils they pull out. Start by applying a thin layer once or a twice a week as needed, allow to dry, rinse well and finish with a moisturiser that won’t clog your pores.

If you don’t fancy the mess that some masks bring, then grab a peel off mask and still get the same great benefits mentioned above. You can actually get ones that contain charcoal, clay and mud. They work by removing the outer layer of your skin, lifting off any dirt or dead skin, and leaving your skin feeling smooth with a gorgeous glow. Make sure to always use a moisturiser or foundation with SPF in as your skin may be sensitive afterwards. If used weekly you may start to notice any fine lines and wrinkles reducing – winner! Simply apply, relax and peel away.

Cold in temperature, so a go-to friend if you suffer from inflamed skin that’s in need of calming – make sure to refrigerate for extra cooling. Creme masks are great for an added boost of hydration to the skin. A lot can come in an overnight form, meaning you can put it on ready for bed and wake up to glowing skin ready for your morning regime. If you do use one overnight, simply do your usual night time routine but replace your moisturiser with a creme mask.

Now get ready to put your best face forward.