How to conceal your roots

‘If you have dark roots without greys and you’re simply blending in your colour, then you’re in the best possible scenario, as this is the easiest to do at home. You can use either a permanent or semi-permanent colour (remember to always do a patch test first) – the key is choosing the correct shade. If in doubt, always choose a lighter shade, as you can always go darker afterwards, but it’s harder to lighten a dark tone.’

How to cover greys

‘Again, this is easy to do at home and a permanent colour is best. You need to ‘pack on’ the colour at the roots so that the colour will take, and then brush the rest of the colour through the lengths of your hair. Generally, if the hair has a significant amount of regrowth to cover, it may be that it requires two boxes the first time around, but this definitely shouldn’t be the case every time. As for timing: always cover your grey regrowth first and leave this to take hold for 20 minutes, before also covering the remainder of your hair lengths and leaving this for a further 10 minutes.’

How to blend highlights

‘The lighter your hair colour, the more challenging it is to colour your hair at home and, unfortunately, if you have salon highlights every 6-8 weeks, then this is the hardest thing to do at home . My advice would be… don’t do it! The best way to conceal and blend your roots right now is to use ‘Root Smudgers’ and touch-ups that last one wash. My Josh Wood Colour Tinted Dry Shampoo In Lighter Blonde, is easy to use and will give you instant colour.’

How to go bright and bold

‘Playing and having fun with your hair is what colour is all about. A lot of the conversations around colour – especially when it’s about covering greys – have become very utility. But I think playing with colour should be uplifting and really bright shades are also very youthful. However, for particularly bright colours (and this applies to pastel shades, too), you need a lot of bleach in your hair for them to really be seen and to look punchy, BUT I’d be really careful doing this yourself, as you can cause your hair a lot of damage when lifting your hair so many shades. And I always advocate using lots of at-home hair treatments when you colour, as your hair will need the extra nourishment. Try my Josh Wood Colour Everything Mask, which helps prevent colour fade and boosts the shine of the hair.’