To celebrate Advantage Card’s 25th birthday, we put its penny-saving potential to the test, unlocking lower prices and exclusive savings – because a summer beauty haul needn’t break the bank

Is there anything more satisfying than a saving? A beauty bargain’s a beautiful thing (particularly at the moment), and while we all have our tried-and-tested ways to make our carts cost-friendlier, there’s one secret weapon that’s stood the test of time – a Boots Advantage Card.

Launched in 1997, it’s one of the UK’s most generous and most-loved loyalty schemes with a wide range of benefits at your fingertips. Thanks to Price Advantage, you can get your hands on exclusive offers on hundreds of your favourite products. Plus, you can also earn reward points every time you shop (four points for every £1 you spend) to splash out on your beauty staples – we don’t leave home without it.

And if you do? No worries, just download the Boots app and use its digital version to enjoy a bevy of benefits in store or online.

But the Boots Advantage Card wouldn’t exist without one key detail – you! For 25 years, Advantage Card holders have helped make the loyalty scheme what it is today. So, to celebrate the scheme turning 25 and to thank loyalty card members for their support over the years, we’re going big – huge in fact – with the biggest-ever Advantage Card jamboree, with exclusive savings to be had and rewards to unlock. Explore the offers and what’s coming up here!

To find out just how many exclusive savings you can make this summer, three members of team Health & Beauty volunteered for the ‘five for under £25 challenge’, to see if they could unlock lower prices and make some sizeable savings on some favourite top-to-toe essentials. 

How did they fare? Spoiler alert: saving satisfaction was at an all-time high. See how their totals tallied up below as they discovered their Advantage Cards simply bursting with exclusive savings.

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Kelly Holgate, Health & Beauty (H&B) Magazine Content Lead

I’ve worked at Boots on and off for nine years, and as well as the joy of visiting our head office staff shop, I’m obsessed with the perks my Advantage Card brings. Whether it’s points when I top up on the latest beauty launch, or seeing amazing savings with Price Advantage, I love unlocking little treats each month. 

We also love a bit of ‘points bragging’ in the office, as it’s often seen as a staff status symbol if you can resist the urge to splurge! But my favourite things to splash my points on are either beauty top-ups, new launches, or if it’s close to payday… a meal deal of course.

Try: Boots Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon, £8 (usually £10.00)

• For all ages and all hair types 

During lockdown I, like many, reached for my dressing gown tie to create gorgeous overnight curls, without the heat or any style skills. This handy ribbon means your gown can stay firmly together, and your hair will be the talk of all those summer gatherings.

Try: Soap and Glory Bright and Beautiful Face Mask, £2.50 (usually £3.95)

• Size: 29g

Whether I’m prepping for summer cocktails or having a serious self-care Sunday session, a brightening face mask is a must. This beauty smells like a citrus dream and contains super-hydrating ingredients such as vitamin C and cherry blossom. I love to pop it in the fridge and apply it in the morning.

Try: Colab Dry Shampoo, Fresh, £2 (usually £3.49)

• Size: 200ml

This is my favourite scent from the Colab range, with notes of sparkling lemon and neroli – think hazy summer days in a can. It also leaves no white residue, so it’s the perfect pick for day four of unwashed hair. I like to lift my roots, spray 20cm away and then work in with my fingers.

Try: No7 The Full 360 Mascara, Brown, £8.95 (usually £13.95)

• Size: 7ml

I usually wear black mascara, but on days when I want a softer lash look, I opt for brown. This No7 one gives me natural volume, with no clumps or smudging. The curved brush makes application a breeze, but if you do have any mishaps simply wait for them to dry, then brush away using a dry spoolie.

Try: Aquafresh Bamboo For Kids Toothbrush, £2.50 (usually £5)

• Bamboo handle

• Bristles made from renewable materials

• 100% plastic free, cardboard packaging

You may be thinking ‘what an odd choice!’ but trust me when I say this is perfect for smoothing down any flyaways when rocking a slicked back high-ponytail or chic summer bun – plus it’s 100% plastic free. Simply spritz with hairspray, comb away and keep in your bag for any touch-ups.

Total without an Advantage Card: £36.39

Total with an Advantage Card: £23.95 

I saved: £12.44

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Ayesha Muttucumaru, Associate Digital Editor

My Advantage Card and I go way back. It was the first ‘grown up’ card that took pride of place in my purse before the worlds of Visa and work IDs took over, helping me save some valuable pennies when stocking up on everything from frosted lipstick to blue eyeshadow (and other similarly memorable ‘00s trends). It’s a relationship that continues to pay off today. 

This summer, I’m using it to snap up savings on everything from moisturising hair care to hydrating sun essentials and all-season staples. Is there anything more gratifying than seeing the Boots Advantage Card points you’ve accumulated? I think it might be seeing the amount of money you’ve saved by taking ‘advantage’ of the Price Advantage deals on offer – they took nearly £13 off my total!

Try: Monday Haircare Moisture Shampoo, £3.40 (usually £5)

• Size: 350ml

• SLS-free

• Vegan

• Cruelty-free

If there’s one thing that my hair’s calling out for right now, it’s HYDRATION – and lots of it. This gentle cleanser has been on my ‘must-try’ list for some time now thanks to its 0% SLS formula (great for maintaining my colour) and nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, hydrolyzed rice protein, vitamin E and shea butter. 

Try: Monday Haircare Moisture Conditioner, £3.40 (usually £5)

• Size: 350ml

• SLS-free

• Vegan

• Cruelty-free

I’m completing the set by stocking up on the range’s conditioner. Sounds like the perfect duo for my dry ends.

Try: Soap & Glory Glow Your Mind Nourishing Cleansing Balm, £4.95 (usually £9.95)

• Size: 100ml

I love a cleansing balm, not only for my dry skin, but because of the ritual. Massaging it in at the end of a long day gives me instant ‘and breathe’ vibes. Plus, watching this pick’s velvet balm texture instantly transform to a milk when mixed with water adds to the spa-like effect.

Try: Soltan Protect & Moisturise SPF30, £3.50 (usually £4)

• Size: 200ml

• Maximum 5-star UVA protection

• Water-resistant

Moisturising but non-greasy, this sunscreen’s exceptionally easy to wear. Its high protection gives me peace of mind that my limbs will be invisibly shielded against UVA and UVB come sea, sun and sand.

Try: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeep Moisture Treatment, £3.30 (usually £4.99)

• Size: 225ml

• Vegan

• Cruelty-free

For those SOS summer moments where I need results and fast, I’ll be reaching for this hair mask that works in just three minutes. Enriched with goodies like jojoba oil, avocado oil and Australian macadamia nut oil, it provides an instant shot of TLC that leaves lengths feeling softer and smelling incredible.

Try: Listerine Total Care 1 Litre, £4.30 (usually £6.50)

• Size: 1 litre

• Flavour - Clean Mint

It ain’t glamorous, but I’m pretty pumped about the money I’ve saved on this bathroom staple. At one litre, its bumper size is likely to answer my dental care needs long after any heatwave’s over.

Total without an Advantage Card: £35.44

Total with an Advantage Card: £22.85 

I saved: £12.59

woman smiling
Rachael Martin, Digital Writer

I’ve had an Advantage Card for years – back when I used to spend all my pocket money on 17. make-up, it was my BFF. I’ll always remember the thrill of building up points and being able to purchase something for free – what a treat! I’m still obsessed with it to this day.

This summer, I’m using it to treat myself to products that make me glowy and hydrated from top to toe. From brightening serums to lightening shampoos, I’m excited to feel good (and see what I can save) this sunny season. Bring on those points!

Try: Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack Under-Eye Brightening Hydrogel Patches, £2.50 (usually £3.95)

• Size: 3g

• Vegan

• Dermologically-tested

Cooling and calming, these handy gel eye masks are a post night out must-have after one too many. After removing, I always massage any excess serum into my skin for eye-opening results.

Try: John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo, £7.50 (usually £10.99)

• Size: 500ml

• Ammonia and peroxide-free

Fellow blondies rejoice, because this shampoo is about to be your new bestie. I’ve been loving this for revitalising my strands between salon appointments – it’s formulated with citrus and chamomile, great for lightening blonde hair without drying it out. 

Try: Boots Glow Pineapple Serum, £3 (usually £4)

• Size: 30ml

• Vegan

Fruity beauty is my absolute fave and this wonder serum’s infusion of skin-brightening ingredients gives my skin an instant hit of radiance. I apply it just before my moisturiser for a quick hit of luminosity.

Try: Soap & Glory Pout About It Hydrogel Lip Mask, £2.50 (usually £3.95)

• Size: 2.5g

• Vegan

Parched pout? This instantly smoothing and line-minimising wonder mask delivers a boost of miraculous moisturisation. I like to use just before I apply my lippie for flawless results.

Try: Impulse Tropical Beach + Espresso Body Mist, £3 (usually £6)

• Size 150ml

Long gone are the days where Impulse was sprayed in the school changing room, this cult fave has had an upgrade. Its breezy scent is brimming with tropical notes of coconut and warming notes of coffee – a delightful, if unexpected, combo.

Total without an Advantage Card: £28.89

Total with an Advantage Card: £18.50 

I saved: £10.39

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