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Not many people know this, but originally The Sanctuary Spa was born as the ultimate act of love. It opened in 1977 in Covent Garden by a man madly in-love with his ballerina wife. The Spa was a place of pure tranquillity where the ballerinas of the Royal Opera House would retreat to relax, unwind and recover. The spa was visited by 64,000 women each year and was open for 37 years.

Of course, closing the spa wasn’t the end of Sanctuary! Our mission has and always will be to make you feel wonderful. Our products are created with long lasting fragrances, beautiful textures and restorative, natural ingredients so everyday can be that bit more indulgent. Today, we know that women are facing increased pressure to keep up with this ideal we have of ourselves. We face pressures from the outside world to do more, be more, give more. We rush around and we often miss the important things. Our mission is to encourage women to just stop and take some time for themselves and get their 25 minutes of self-care a day. Whether that’s a few minutes of slathering your skin in our oil-enriched salt scrub or re-potting your prized plants. Self-care is whatever makes you feel great on the inside, and with our wide range of Sanctuary bodycare, skincare and wellness products, also look great on the outside.

Our range comprises of oil-rich bodycare, rejuvenating skincare, beautiful gifts for all occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, ‘thank you teacher’ and baby showers to name afew), sleep-enhancing wellness products (proven to help you fall asleep faster and for longer!) and luxurious home fragrances.

*Patented fragrance. 76% fell asleep faster – 2 week study, Nov 2019 & Jan 2020, 120 self-assessed poor sleepers & 60 self-assessed good sleepers, females 25-55 years old.