Medicines Check Up Service

If you take two or more prescription medicines, the free NHS Medicines Check Up Service can make sure you're getting the most from them 

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Why would you need a Medicines Check Up?

It's important to take prescribed medicines correctly when managing a long-term health condition. Sometimes making just a small change to the way you take your medicines can help them work better. If you have any questions or worries, a face-to-face Medicines Check Up consultation may help.

What is a Medicines Check Up?

A Medicines Check Up is a free NHS service available at Boots pharmacies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It's also called a NHS Medicines Use Review (MUR). It gives you an opportunity to talk to a pharmacist to learn more about the medicines you're taking, what they do, how they work and the best way to take them.

If you live in England or Wales, you may be eligible for the service if:

  • You take two or more prescription medicines
  • You've had your prescription dispensed at the same Boots pharmacy for last three months

Customers in Northern Ireland should ask in store for more details as the eligibility criteria is different. If you are not eligible for the service, our pharmacists will still be able to offer advice about medicines you are taking.

How it works


Talk to a pharmacist to check if you are eligible for the service


Have a consultation with the pharmacist if the service is suitable for you


We'll get in touch with your GP if there are any problems

Benefits of the service

  • Confidential: Speak to our pharmacist in a private consultation room
  • Convenient: No need to book an appointment 
  • Accessible: Available at over 2100 Boots pharmacies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

The in-store consultation will usually last about 10-15 minutes