Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Hair Removal Device for Body, Face and Precision Areas BRI949/00

Enjoy 6 months of hair-free smooth skin* 

Discover Philips Lumea: the No1. Brand in IPL***Lumea IPL technology.

Philips Lumea uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to break the cycle of hair regrowth. Gentle, pain-free, pulses of light are applied at the root and, after several treatments, hair is prevented from growing back. Lumea is the only IPL with SenseIQ – a technology designed to understand what your skin needs during treatments, and adapts to be as sensitive as it is effective.

After 14 years of research with leading dermatologists, Philips Lumea places IPL technology, into your own hands. With a Lumea there’s no need to visit the salon - you can achieve long-lasting hair removal safely, in your own home.

IPL device with curved attachments for different body areas. Every body area is unique, so Philips Lumea Prestige has an attachment to fit everyone’s curves. The curved attachments ensure optimal skin contact, with bespoke window sizes and filters for ultimate precision. The large, curved body attachment offers fast and effective treatment on larger areas (only 8.5 min to treat lower legs), while the small face attachment provides gentle and precise treatment for the upper lip, chin and jawline. The underarm attachment is specially designed to treat hard-to-reach underarm areas. The intelligent bikini attachment will adapt a tailored program specifically for that area. It has a curved design which compliments your body's contours for maximum contact, efficiency and comfort.

Why Choose Lumea?

* Median result 78% hair reduction on legs, after 12 treatments
**Measured on legs, 27 out of 55 women reached 92% or higher results
*** Source: Market leader research institute, retail value MAT Jan’20, per IPL category UK