Panasonic The Panasonics EH-NA98 Advanced Hairdryer is designed to tackle the visible signs of hair damage such as lack of shine, frizz, dryness, dullness and split ends.
It features Panasonic’s successful Nanoe™ & Double Mineral technology (mineral ions generated by two zinc electrodes) proven to reduce visible hair damage caused by brushing, such as split ends.*1
Nanoe™ technology is also proven to actively eliminate static to reduce frizz and improve shine of your hair.*2. Nanoe™ technology uses electrostatically atomised water molecules to infuse nano-sized moisture into the hair helping it to maintain its natural balance*2,3
The end result is beautiful looking, damage resistant hair over time. 88% users have noted a visible improvement in split ends after 5 weeks*4

*1 Tested at ProDerm, Germany, 2018
*2 Tested at ProDerm, Germany, 2017
*3 Compared with Ions by Diameter Measurement Analysis, Panasonic Labs, Japan
*4 At home 5 week test with 71 users, UK, 2019

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