No7 Elizabeth Scarlett Travel Brush Collection Limited Edition

The travel brush collection is a limited edition collection of travel size makeup brushes, complete with an elegant  Elizabeth Scarlett brush pouch. Ideal for maintaining a flawless look on the go 

More about Elizabeth Scarlett:
Hi I'm Elizabeth,
I hand-paint every pattern, symbol or motif before they’re embroidered onto fabrics, which are cut and sewn to perfection. I’ve always loved nature and painting animals. It soothes me, brings me into flow and connects me with my inner spirit. I hope each design provides gentle reminders to cultivate positivity, peace and warmth with every use. It’s so exciting to be sharing my collections with the No7 range for the first time. Through our timeless ranges of embroidered bags, pouches and gifts, we aim to promote joyful living, while raising funds to protect the precious wildlife on our planet.