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Course 7: Unstoppable together with Anna Jones

Welcome to No7 & AllBright’s Course Seven, Unstoppable Together.

In this opening chapter, we debunk the myths around networking and make it feel easy and effortless to build a sisterhood that can supercharge your career. It can take one bad experience of a networking event to turn us off and take us out of the arena. Anna aims to remind you of the vast potential of networking and how it can serve you to step into your fullest potential.

First, we need to bust those networking myths. To uncover all those assumptions we have, address any fears or apprehension that might be currently holding us back from being able to grow our network. Anna invites us to get clear on what networking is and what it isn’t.

You are only as strong as the women you keep around you. So who is on your team? No woman is an island, we need our sisterhood to succeed. Step forward with confidence into the career you want, with the women you need standing beside you cheering you on. Networking is a positive thing that can serve to supercharge your career. So don’t be scared. We need each other. That’s when magic happens and new opportunities can come your way.

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Now that we know that building out our network is important, this second chapter is all about noticing which women are already in our network, who we would like to include in our sisterhood, and that we are more resourced in this capacity then we realise. It is important to consider who you already know, who those women know, what you want in your network, why you want them there, and what makes them key players in your life?

Anna reminds us that networking is so much more than asking for things we ‘need’. It’s about building long-lasting relationships that can be mutually sustaining and nourishing as we develop and grow. And also that we need to think about having a diverse range of women with different skills and qualities that can enrich our working lives.

So, to begin to build out your sisterhood, Anna encourages you to start with your intimate circle of friends and family, and then map out the layers of previous job employers, acquaintances, and finally the outer layer of social media, LinkedIn and any online relationships you may have built. It can feel risky to make new and meaningful connections but it’s incredibly worth it. This week’s Worksheet: Mapping Your Sisterhood, will guide you through this.

You are now on your way to establishing your sisterhood.

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To effectively network means taking care of the relationships you have within it, including checking in on the women who are standing beside you. Also, effective networking is tailoring your conversations to the people that you are connecting with. Anna asks you to consider the different ways that you can be introduced to others, such as via warm or cold introductions. In this chapter you are offered a few tips and tricks to make these a smoother experience for you and the person you are reaching out to, to get the outcome that you are looking for in an authentic and comfortable manner. Be clear about what you want, as well as what you bring.

What does it mean to make meaningful connections? Once you have made your introductions it’s now up to you to nourish the relationship. What you give will likely be in direct proportion to what

you end up getting out of the sisterhood you create. Anna talks about being willing to put the work in, in tending to these relationships. She speaks about checking in with them regularly, and how to maintain and nourish these connections.

Just like any relationship in your life they need your time and attention in order to build the trust, respect and admiration that will allow for you to both benefit from each other as the years go by.

This week’s Worksheet: Tailor Your Introductions, will support you in doing exactly that.

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In our final chapter, Anna asks us to consider what it means to become “Unstoppable Together” – tapping into the collective power of women supporting women and unleashing the benefit of all that collective wisdom, contacts and resources. Experience how this can transform ideas into businesses and take careers to new and exciting levels.

Your community will be the support that you trust as you face challenges in your professional life; when you’re feeling stuck; when times are rough or smooth, good or difficult; and, in celebrating with you. It is quite something to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and to trust in these sisterhood relationships.

Anna talks about different ways that you can come together and gather with your network, whether in person, or via a digital platform. This week’s Worksheet: Gather Your Network, invites you to explore these possibilities further.

This course has shown you about the importance of your community and how powerful it can be as well as instrumental in your own growth, development and career progression. Anna is a real example of this, and now, you have the tools to build yours too. It’s never too late to start.

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Meet your course expert

Anna Jones is the former CEO of Hearst UK, and was the first female CEO in the 100-year history of Hearst Magazine. She stepped down as CEO of Hearst in 2017 to establish AllBright. After identifying a need for professional female networking, and with a passion around empowering women, Anna co-founded and created AllBright, a professional community for smart-minded women.

Anna’s mantra is: Sisterhood works! And her passion courses through AllBright’s ethos, to build a community of women to connect, upskill and ultimately give them the confidence to achieve their career ambitions. Bringing smart-minded women together to connect, create and collaborate, whether at AllBright’s beautiful members’ clubs or via the digital platform, Anna is all about helping women build their confidence and fulfil career goals and aspirations. Everything that Anna does is about empowering women. And in this course she will be teaching you about the power of gathering, establishing and growing your own network of amazing sisterhood.

Anna certainly embodies her talk, and her many accolades include: being featured in Women Fashion Power, Zaha Hadid’s 2014 exhibition at London’s Design Museum; being listed as one of the Evening Standard’s 1000 most influential Londoners in 2015; winning a Women in Marketing Award in 2016 for her efforts to champion female empowerment; and being a United Nations Women UK Ambassador. It’s a great pleasure that Anna is offering you this course on building out your sisterhood network.

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