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Course 4: Job Application 101 with Arit Eminue

Welcome to No7 & AllBright’s Course, Job Applications 101.

“Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.” Jim Rohn

This chapter is all about research, research, research! Arit shares that there are two main areas to focus on before applying for any job. One, to do some research on yourself first, to get clear on what you want, and two, to do some ‘profession stalking’ on the companies that you want to apply to! Then it will be easier to start to look for roles in organisations that align with what you’ve discovered. This is where your matchmaking starts!

Check out this chapter’s Do Your Research worksheet for lots of questions to support this vital process.

Remember, do your research, and as you focus on the quality, not quantity, of applications, you are already on the path to building a career that you will enjoy!

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Chapter two is all about how to write a good CV that stands out from all the others, so that you get noticed as the awesome multi-skilled woman that you are!

Here Arit offers some great tips for what to include, and not include, in order to tailor your CV for the role that you are applying for. She suggests that you be as specific and clear as you can. To ‘show, don’t tell’, and give tangible evidence of your skills and experience.

You want to make an impact. So don’t forget to incorporate all of that glowing, positive feedback on your CV! It may come as no surprise to you to learn that, as women, we have more capacity to discount and discredit ourselves from roles that we want to apply for than men! How crazy is that?

So come on amazing women, blow your own trumpet of fabulousness, and show how kick-ass you truly are!

On that note, Arit emphasises that it’s vital to inject your personality. You are human. As is your ‘soon to be’ boss. Dare to be different, and stand out. And don’t make your CV generic. That’s bland. But do remember to tailor it to the job that you’re applying for. Make the design simple. And remember, content is key.

The Don’t Tell Me, Show Me worksheet will cover these key points and so many more to help you get your perfect CV written and take you one step closer to your ideal job!

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As traditional and old-fashioned as they might seem, a cover letter, accompanying your CV and application, is vital. It’s your first introduction to your hiring manager. Arit likens this to it being akin to a movie trailer, highlighting what they are going to find in your CV. So therefore, you want to entice the person reading it in order to stand out, and get you that interview!

Chapter three is all about your cover letter. From who to address it to (this is when your detective work from chapter one comes in useful!); how to make an impression with your opening sentence; how to highlight two or three amazing skills that you’re bringing to the role and that you’ve demonstrated in your past positions; what the best closing line is; and, what information to add as you sign off.

Arit offers you an exercise to then refine what you’ve written down so that you cut out the superfluous words and get straight to the point. You want to make your letter professional, punchy, and very succinct.

Now you’re ready to make that impression and apply for that job! Good luck! We’re rooting for you!

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It can be a nerve wracking time applying for your perfect job. You’ve done so well so far with getting your CV and cover letter to their most optimum capacity to work hard for you. So, now what?!

In chapter four, Arit talks about some of the actions that you can take to ensure that you are as fully informed as you can be on the process of your application. Essentially, this video is all about how to manage your expectations, and how to use your time wisely once you have done all that you can on your side.

The worksheet for this chapter, The Check In And Check Back, has some points and tips that you may want to implement in how and when to check your application has been received;

finding out if there have been any time delays to the deadline; whether the shortlisted candidates have been selected; keeping your eye on other possible jobs to apply to; as well as, how to seize the opportunity to work for the company if you’re not successful.

Remember. You are the right fit for your perfect job. So have patience. Breathe. And enjoy the process!

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In this final chapter we are going to look at what happens once you have been offered the job. Firstly though, a huge well done to you! However, accepting the package may fill you with dread. In this video, Arit offers some advice to help empower and equip you to get what you want.

This may be when you have the first conversation with your employer regarding your salary package. You may want to return to your research from chapter one, reminding yourself what you want to earn (don’t forget the 10 percent extra!). Be aware that your employer will most likely not be looking to raise the price you suggest, but to lower it, so start high. Own your worth. And ask for what you need. Be polite and professional. This is where you might have to negotiate. If they cannot meet your price, then what else may be on the table? Can they provide training courses? Is there a probationary period?

Can you ask for a pay rise then? Ask as many questions that can help you to measure your progress in the role. It’s great to have benchmarks.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you want to progress in your career, then you will have to negotiate key points during your journey. It starts right now with this first conversation. Be brave. Ask for what you want. You are the CEO of your career! Remember this is just a conversation, and that your employer has already offered you the job. They are looking for you, they want you on board. Remind yourself that you are adding value to them. That you are a solution to their problem. That they have chosen you for a reason. Own it!

And if you need a little more support with the old confidence part of you, then we have Chloe’s The Confidence Tool Kit course to get your confidence levels up to where they ought to be! So, fix your crown, value who you are, and enjoy your new job. Well done. We’re proud of you!

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Meet your course expert

Arit Eminue is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, career development and leadership coach. She helps businesses in the entertainment sector to recruit and retain talent and empowers individuals to build careers they will enjoy.

Arit achieves this in three ways: DiVA an award-winning recruitment and training organisation specialising in creative, business, and digital apprenticeships. Founded 10 years ago, her clients include some of the world’s well-known entertainment media brands, including, All3 Media, Sony Music, the BBC, Warner Music, Endemol Shine UK, Warner Bros, the Southbank Centre, UK Music. She also developed, in partnership with the BPI/BRIT Trust, the BRITs Apprenticeship scheme, funded by proceeds of BRIT Music Awards, which supports the next generation of music executives.

She holds an MA in Executive Leadership Development and Mentoring.

As a Career Development & Leadership coach and trainer, she works with women who are looking to change careers, move into senior-level roles, as well as with organisations on the development and delivery of staff training programmes supporting first line managers and diversity and inclusion.

Arit is a respected and impactful speaker. She is regularly called upon to deliver keynote speeches, present at events and conferences, chair and participate in panels, and take part in media interviews by the likes of BBC 5 Live, LBC, Sheffield Live and Maritime Radio. Her work is also featured in Coaching Perspectives, Stylist Magazine, Red Magazine, the Voice Newspaper and many more.

She is the recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Precious Awards), Business Person of the Year (Newham Chamber of Commerce), and was recognised as a Leader in Media and Arts by the Black British Business Awards.

Let Arit empower you to find a career that you enjoy!

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Check out her YouTube channel which provides you with tips on how to build careers that you love either through employment, entrepreneurship,or a mixture of both.

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