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Course 6: Interview masterclass with Sagina Shabaya

Welcome to No7 & AllBright’s Course Six, Interview Masterclass.

This first chapter is all about ‘Plan & Prep’, where we get you ready to step forward with confidence into the interview: To build your confidence, reduce anxiety and go into your interview feeling fully prepared. Sagina reminds you that this is a conversation not an interrogation. So, ask questions, understand the culture, and create the dialogue for a two-way conversation.

Consider which of the different stages of interview you are preparing for: Is it the first round with you and HR; a second round with more of your potential work colleagues; or the final round, where you really want to wow them and win your dream role?

Whichever stage you are at, always prep and plan for that interview. Sagina recommends that you have a pre-interview routine, and in this Chapter’s Worksheet: Get In The Zone, she offers some great resources and tips to help you.

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This chapter is all about how you introduce yourself, and how comfortable you are when saying who you are and what you do.

Sagina likens this to storytelling.You will have your intro, which is your Elevator Pitch, introducing who you are, and what you do; the main body, which is the big meaty part of the story where you get to show off your successes, skills, strengths and superpowers, and what value you are bringing; and the grand finale, wowing them by dropping a gem, making you a memorable candidate and leaving them wanting more!

Own your own success. It’s not always easy to talk about yourself, but being your own Self PR and putting yourself out there is key to a successful and impressive interview!

This week’s Worksheet: Write Your Elevator Pitch & The 3 S’s gets you mining for your strengths, superpowers and skills.

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In this chapter, you will look at the first aspect of the main body part of the interview: the non-verbal communication. According to statistics, 70-93% of our communication is non-verbal!

The four key aspects Sagina talks about here are: body language, energy, appearance, and authenticity.

● Body language. The body can’t lie! Let your words align with what your body is saying.
● Be mindful and considerate of your Energy, so that the interviewer can get on board with you and want to hire you. Read the energy in the room, of the people interviewing you. Allow the ebbs and flows, the highs and the lows. Be the person that people want to spend time with!

● Appearance is your brand, your identity, it’s how you show your authenticity. Be honest. Be 100% who you are.
● Authenticity is about setting the tone about who you are. So that you can add to and fit in with the culture. Be your true authentic Self, and let them hire that person!

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This chapter is all about the main body of the interview. How confident are you at speaking in an interview? How do you answer questions? Sagina suggests that you become your own PR manager! Put yourself in the shoes of a sales executive and speak highly of all the great things about the ‘product’, in this case, that means you! Put your best foot forward, and talk about the highs in your career, your achievements, and really aim to sell yourself.

Sagina also suggests having some icebreaker questions up your sleeve, to support those more awkward and uncomfortable moments. Where can you find common ground? How can you find your way back into the melt and flow of the interview?

All in all, it’s about finding the balance. Don’t over or under sell yourself. Think about what you want to portray, and do your best. You don’t have to know everything!

You are introduced to the STAR acronym: S = Situation, T= Task, A = Action, R= Result. And, for this Chapter’s Worksheet ‘The STAR Response’, you are invited to script out your responses to three challenging situations, and three achievements, so that you can practice them in front of the mirror, and then have these prepped and planned for future interviews.

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Our final chapter is all about the exit, the grand finale, the last 10-15 minutes of your interview. This is where you leave your lasting impression. How do you want people to think about you?

Sagina offers some tips for making a good exit strategy. Remembering that this is not a one way conversation, and that you are also interviewing them. It may be time to bombard them, mindfully, with questions. Ask thoughtful questions that show that you are serious and interested in them and the company.

It is important to convey and show your passion, so ask more questions about the role: What do they offer their staff? Is there any mentoring available? What kind of employee resource routes are

there? And so on. You may desire to enquire about further training and growth development.

Finally, Sagina suggests dropping a gem. Make this something simple: that will make you memorable, and leave a great impression. This Chapter’s Worksheet: Drop A Gem will give you a chance to play with this!

Hopefully, you now have all the tools you need to smash that interview! Thank you, and good luck in landing your dream role!

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Meet your course expert

Sagina is a London based certified career coach, workshop facilitator and speaker. She is a highly experienced, collaborative and dynamic coach working with a diverse range of clients within the creative industry. She helps women build their confidence and fulfil their career goals and aspirations. Sagina specialises in transition coaching and working with women who want to get promoted, make more money or pivot.
To date Sagina has worked with clients from the BBC, UKTV, Channel 4 Television, The Telegraph, Havas, Google, Credit Suisse, CNN, and many more. Additionally, as a passionate Diversity + inclusion practitioner, she has been a keynote speaker on the subject at international law firm Watson Farley Williams, the FISD Women’s Group, Essence, Havas, The University Arts London (UAL) and Facebook.
Sagina is on a mission to empower ambitious women to have the career they desire. “Too many people I meet are unhappy at work, feel stuck or hate their jobs. I coach my clients to be brave, take action and create change.” Ready to land your dream job? Let Sagina prep you ready for your interviews.

Want to learn more from Sagina Shabaya?

Want to learn more from Sagina Shabaya?

Go and follow Sagina on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/60mincareercoach/ and check out her website for coaching and workshops https://60mincareercoach.com/