Munchkin Munchkin Super Scoop™ Bath Toy Organiser

Has your little one turned your bath tub into a toy box? You'll love how simple it is to keep your bathroom clutter-free with the Super Scoop Bath Toy Organiser from Munchkin. The wide mouth and handle allows for easy toy scooping after bath time, and the cute fish-shaped hook hangs securely on the bathroom wall to drain and dry, providing convenient bath toy storage, too. Just unhook the scooper from the wall and glide it across the water for quick, convenient cleanup. With plenty of room to pack in all those dolls, boats and rubber ducks, you'll no longer be tripping over your little squirt's toys, and bath time will be more fun for everyone.  

Key features:
How to use: Wall Mount
Step 1: Clean wall surface with a household cleaner and allow wall surface to dry completely. Make sure entire wall area is clean and dry where suction cup will be attached.
Step 2: Clean and dry suction cup thoroughly before installing. Do not wet wall surface or suction cup. Both surfaces must be completely clean and dry to work properly.
Step 3: Position scoop hanger in place. If the bathtub wall is tiled, do not place the suction cup over grout lines.
Step 4: Press white button firmly to activate Push-Lock™ Suction Cup. Note:Push-Lock™ Suction Cup will work on smooth, non-porous surfaces devoid of cracks or joints.
To Release Push-Lock™ Suction Cup:
Pull on small tab on base of Push-Lock™ Suction Cup to break seal.

To Clean: Rinse with water and allow to air-dry.

To prevent drowning keep children within arm's reach. Inspect before use. Discard and replace at the first sign of weakness or damage. Always check temperature of water before placing child in bath. Do not leave child unattended. Indoor use only. Do not allow children to hang
from hanger and scoop. Do not use Super Scoop as a grab bar or a security rail. Please read and retain this information for future reference. Remove all packaging components before use. This is not a toy.