BlendUp will take your makeup to the next level. The brush has been developed under the expert guidance of celebrity makeup artist, Paul Herrington, to give a professional finish at home. With over 200 Vibra-Sonic™ movements p/sec, BlendUp will give you the softest looking, most natural, airbrushed effect and stimulate the skin, leaving it feeling more stimulated and toned.

The ultra-soft SmoothBlend™ Brush Head has been designed to blend, contour, tint, blush and bronze your makeup to airbrushed perfection. Fully USB rechargeable in 2 hours and with 2 speeds for greater control, your makeup look will become effortlessly flawless. Plus it has Biomaster™ Antibacterial protection to help prevent cross-contamination and unwanted breakouts.

What is Biomaster™ Antibacterial Protection?
Biomaster™ is completely natural, odourless and safe. The protective silver ions are proven to guard against 99.9% bacteria and microbes. They are integrated into our products during manufacturing and won’t wear off or wash out, meaning your brush head is protected for it’s entire lifetime. 


Over 200 Vibra-Sonic™ movements p/sec to blend 
Skin Stimulation
Use with Powder or Liquids
2 Speeds (Blend // Airbrush)
Eliminates clumping, edge lines and streaks
Smart Handbag Power-Lock
USB charging (2hrs charging = up to 100mins use)
Cleaning Mode
SmoothBlend Head with BioMaster™️ Antibacterial Protection
Changeable heads