Boots Live + Be is about finding time for self-care in your day-to-day routine. Each of our four fragrances have been carefully selected to support the practice of mindfulness every day: being thankful, time to pause, focusing on the present, and the breath.

Each of these mindful concepts are carefully paired with a supporting woody, floral, fresh or oriental fragrance. Our beautiful scent and self-care stories are designed to help you understand which note you connect with, to give you a sense of personal discovery. Make sure you read the back of pack to see what four key areas of mindfulness we suggest you focus on as you indulge yourself.

They work in harmony with our affordable vegan indulgent bathing range. From hand and body to shower and bath, there’s something to keep you feeling clean and calm from top-to-toe. Learn more about the four fragrances below:


Positive – Loved – Grateful – Connected

This floral fragrance is created to help you take time to focus on what is positive in your life.

Be grateful, show yourself some kindness and connect with the people who matter.

Notes: Rosewood, peony, lily of the valley, amber.


Thoughtful – Slow – Peaceful – In Control

This oriental fragrance will help you slow down, pause and become aware of your thoughts. Be at one with yourself in your own moment.

Notes: Nutmeg, jasmine, coconut, black sugar.


Present – Awake – Aware – Invigorated

This fresh fragrance will help you become aware of what is going on in the present moment and allows you to be fully awake to what is around you.

Notes: Mandarin, yuzu, mimosa, almond.


Pure – Recharged – Calm – Balanced

Take time to focus on the breath and nothing else. Breathe deeply and listen to the natural rhythm of your body.


Explore our totally vegan range in all four fragrances.

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Boots Live + Be is an affordable indulgent bath and body range that is entirely vegan. Our purpose is to help you find time for self-care in your daily routine.

Our luxury bathing range contains all your daily essentials: hand wash, shower cream, hand cream and body mists; straight through to those more sumptuous treats: bath fizzers, face and body masks, whipped body creams and bath soak.

Our range has four fragrances, each carefully selected to support the practice of mindfulness every day. Our floral fragrance Beautiful Connection, with rosewood and peony notes, is for being thankful; our oriental fragrance, Captivating Pause, with notes of nutmeg and jasmine, is for taking the time to be still; our fresh fragrance, Awakening Glow, with citrus and mimosa notes, is to help you be absorbed in the here and now; our woody fragrance, Woodland Whisper, with notes of fennel and cardamom, is for you to focus on your breathing. Learn more about our fragrance stories here.

These beautiful scent and self-care stories are designed to help you understand which fragrance note you best connect with, to give you a sense of personal discovery. They give a sense of purpose, positivity and connection that works in harmony with our vegan products to keep you feeling clean and calm all day long, from top-to-toe.

Our Guide to Self-Care contains our top 10 tips for introducing self-care to your daily routine, to protect and maintain your health and wellbeing. Our bath and body products can be seamlessly implemented into your schedule for moments of mindfulness.

If you’re looking for a gift, why not check out our ‘Give the Gift of Mindfulness’ collections? These suggestions have been hand-selected to offer your loved ones a little treat: everyday essentials, bath time necessities and the ultimate indulgence. We have an online exclusive offer, too: get a free

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