Lillets Lil-Lets Teens sanitary towels (petite)– Long – 12 pack

Lil-Lets Teens sanitary towels (long) with wings have been specially designed for younger girls to use when they have their first period and during the first few years of their periods. They are smaller than most other sanitary pads (to cater for smaller bodies) but still offer great protection and absorption.  Lil-Lets Teens petite sanitary towels (long) are breathable, have a super soft cover which is comfortable against your skin and have wings for additional security and protection. They are also unscented for those who prefer sanitary pads without a fragrance.

Key features
Suitable for
Lil-Lets Teens sanitary towels (long) are suitable for day-time use, for those with a medium to heavy flow or your medium to heavy days. These petite sanitary pads are also available in Day and Night absorbencies for protection around the clock.

If you’d like to use regular sized sanitary towels, as well as these petite pads, why not try Lil-Lets Super Soft sanitary pads? They also have a very soft cover which is comfy against your skin, stay-put wings and are fragrance free.

How to use
When it’s time to remove your sanitary pad, simply peel away the wings from beneath your underwear and the pull the pad out of your underwear. It is recommended that you dispose of your used pad by putting it in the wrapper of your new sanitary towel (or a bit of tissue paper) and throw away with your household waste or in a designated sanitary bin. Remember never to flush your sanitary towel or the wrapper down the toilet as it is bad for the sewers and could cause blockages.