Lee Stafford Lee Stafford Hair Apology Intensive Care Power Shots x15

Like an emergency service for damaged locks (because we all know that styling and colouring takes its toll!), our Hair Apology range delivers that kiss of life your hair needs. Revel in unbelievably sleek, soft and healthy hair from the very first use. Apologise to your hair and begin the transformation of your damaged, processed and brittle tresses.

Our Intensive Care Power Shot Capsules repair and protect the delicate hair structure by helping to strengthen bonds against damaging daily stresses. Break open to release the liquid lifeline, each capsule is a perfect measure containing a powerful dose of Keratin and Silk. With heat protecting properties, this supercharged serum works to add gloss, control frizz and improve texture and manageability.

Capsule shells are 100% bio-degradable.

For extra long or thick hair, double up and use two capsules.