Lamaze Lamaze My Friend Emily

Emily is perfect for baby's first doll! She comes complete with a rattle necklace, clinky rings and interesting textures and sounds! Emily helps baby through the vital first stages or development.Vision: bright contrasting colours and patterns stimulate baby. Sound: rattles, squeaks and crinkles helps hearing and listening senses. Touch: different textures to grip and grab to help improve motor skills. Emily is a wonderful introduction to loveable characters that aid inspiration, roll play and social skills. The Lamaze clip lets you hook Emily to strollers, carriers and changing bags to take her along for on-the-go fun.

Your baby’s first friend who just wants to be cuddled
Fun rattle necklace to capture baby’s attention
Lots of bright, exciting colours to fascinate baby
Fun clinking rings to amuse – perfect from birth
Different textures for baby to explore and to encourage touch