We all love our reusable water bottles and tote bags. Now you can add sustainable period products to your eco credentials, too

Buying Bamboo

Many sanitary items contain plastic, which means they take a really long time to decompose. The good news is that switching to organic products means they won’t leave behind plastic particles in the ocean. Flo Natural Bamboo Ultra Thin Day & Night Pads, 15pk (£2.85) are a great option as they’re made with 100% organic bamboo and come in compostable plant-based wrappers.

Reuse, Reduce, Rejoice

To lower your carbon footprint, consider swapping out single-use products for reusable ones, such as DAME Reusable Tampon Applicator Set (£23.80). Or, if you’re searching for tampon and pad alternatives, why not try period-proof underwear? The washable Thinx for All Super Briefs, 1 pair (£17.95) absorb up to five regular tampons’ worth of menstrual blood. Pants with a purpose? Yes please.

Thou Shall Not Flush

Protect our oceans, beaches and sewers by choosing to bin waste instead of flushing. FabLittleBag Starter Pack (£4.50), contains 25 bags made from plants and recycled materials, which can be easily opened with one hand, making them the perfect disposal option for used products. Think of the turtles!

Don’t cost the earth

Looking for a greener alternative to tampons? Boots Menstrual Cup, (£17.00), is a 100% medical grade silicone cup that collects menstrual blood, and can be reused again and again. One cup lasts years, making it not only good for the environment but also for your bank account.

Feeling free

Swapping to sanitary products made with recycled materials is an easy way to cut down on plastic each month. Try Boots Applicator Tampons Super, (£1.05) (20pk) which use recycled cardboard packaging, and the applicators are eco-friendly cardboard too.

All prices correct on date of publication