Show your body some love with these lifestyle strategies and the Almased range

This article is in partnership with Almased

Waking up for Saturday Pilates. Scoring more vegetables at dinner. Setting aside a few minutes for meditation. Many of us have wellbeing goals and, for some, this can include working towards a healthy weight – something that can benefit our joints, heart health and more.

If you are looking to manage, maintain or lose some weight, a nutritious and sustainable approach is key, with a healthy, balanced and varied diet as the top priority. Think wholegrains, fruit, veggies and plenty of water.

You might also consider supporting your efforts with a brand such as Almased – Germany’s No.1 meal replacement* with over 30 years of scientific research behind it. Voted Most Trusted Weight Loss Brand 2020**, it contains a nourishing blend of high-quality, natural ingredients and is packed with vitamins and minerals to support your energy, immune health and metabolism.

Intrigued? Read on and get to know the Almased range – right here…

Fuel your body

As we mentioned, finding your healthy weight is all about a balanced approach to what you put on your plate. You know the drill: eat regularly, avoid skipping breakfast and pile your plate with nutrient-rich foods such as fibre-rich vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats (we’re looking at you, nuts and avocado).

You could also back this up by incorporating Almased, Germany’s No.1 Meal Replacement into your daily routine. Made from a nourishing, natural blend of low-GI soya, yoghurt and enzyme-rich honey, Almased can be shaken up into a delicious drink using water or your own milk of choice. Almased’s clinical research also shows that people who consumed it burned more calories each day and lost more fat, compared to a normal 2,000 calorie diet.

Oh, and did we mention there’s also Almased Lactose-Free as well as a special edition natural Almond Vanilla? So, you’re covered whatever you need.

Ready, set… sweat!

Time to dust off those trainers and get moving. Building muscle can help with weight loss, so throw some strength training into the mix – whether it’s lifting weights, exercising with resistance bands, enjoying a yoga class or getting outside for a heavy gardening sesh.

While we’re talking workouts, you can also get easy-to-use Almased Single Servings sachets, which are super-handy for popping in your gym bag or desk drawer. FYI, the whole range is gluten-free, vegetarian and even suitable for people with type 2 diabetes, with zero artificial flavours, fillers, added sugars or preservatives. Good stuff.

Be a bedtime boss

There are so many reasons to prioritise your sleep habits, including the fact that getting enough shut-eye to help you maintain a healthy weight. How come? Experts believe it’s down to how a lack of sleep can impact our differing levels of hunger hormones. An early night it is, then.

Top up that water bottle

Staying hydrated = a major wellbeing win, as it helps to ward off everything from brain fog and headaches to constipation. It can also support weight loss, so keep sipping throughout the day. Not a plain H20 fan? Add a few fruit slices or brew a herbal tea – some people find peppermint is a good stomach soother, while Almased Wellness Tea is another light and refreshing digestive herbal blend.

Recruit a support squad

Whatever your wellbeing goal, try to surround yourself with encouraging loved ones. Also seek expert advice – whether from a GP, dietitian, fitness pro or mental health specialist – if you need it. You’ve got this!

Almased offers both 14-day and long-term weight loss plans. Visit and for more info. Check out Almased UK on Facebook and @AlmasedUK on Instagram/Twitter.

*Euromonitor International 2020
**Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands 2020