Because there’s no planet B

This article is sponsored by Berocca, Dentek & Sensodyne

If World Earth Day isn’t already in your diary on 22nd April 2022, it’s time to get it added. Why? It’s an annual event dedicated to demonstrating support for the environmental movement worldwide. This year, we need to act, innovate and implement – and it’s going to take all of us.

Why should I get involved this World Earth Day?

We should all absolutely do our bit for World Earth Day. After all, it’s to protect the future of our planet and our lives on it.

It doesn’t have to involve cleaning up streets and planting trees (although, we’re all for that!), it can simply be taking the time to reflect on your lifestyle choices and how you can introduce more sustainable habits, such as taking shorter showers or cycling instead of driving.

Why is being sustainable important?

Basically, sustainability is the key to a better future. It recognises that we need to use the environment and its resources rationally to protect humanity and all living things. Our choices today have huge long-term impacts on generations to come, so living a sustainable life has never been more crucial.

How are Boots helping?

At Boots, we want to inspire change and lead the way towards a more sustainable future. Which is why for World Earth Day this April, we’re educating and driving awareness to help you make small conscious swaps when shopping health, beauty and beyond.

Here’s how you can make sustainable strides with Boots:

Be more... vegan

Veganism is bigger than ever before – and for good reason. When something is vegan, it’s free of all animal products and by-products. There are many ways you can embrace vegan living, even something as simple as choosing a toothpaste that’s vegan-friendly.*

Sensodyne Nourish Gently Soothing Toothpaste 75ml (£4.40) strengthens and nourishes teeth and is blended with natural mint and aloe vera extracts for a clean and soothing sensation. Better still, it's kind to the planet with fully recyclable packaging. Now that's something to smile about!

Be more... plastic-free

When it comes to health and beauty products, plastic packaging can provide a protective barrier and ensure that the product is kept hygienic. That said, we’re working hard to remove unnecessary plastic – and you can do the same. Choosing products that use recycled plastic is a great place to start.

Be more... recycled

Guilty of forgetting to recycle your empties? You’re not alone. While plastic bottles (for shampoo, conditioner, shower gel etc.) can generally be recycled at home, we realise that many of the products we sell are not yet recyclable via kerbside. The Recycle at Boots scheme will take care of these hard-to-recycle products for you. Find out more about the scheme here.

Berocca® Orange Effervescent 45 Tablets (£13.00) come in a fully recyclable tube and are packed full of vegan-friendly vitamins and minerals, which include B1 and B2 to help support energy release and vitamin C to support the immune system.

Be more... cruelty-free

The line between cruelty-free and vegan is often a little blurred, however the terms actually mean different things. Cruelty-free products** and their ingredients haven’t been tested on our furry friends at any point in the development process. Navigating through the cruelty-free space can be tricky, so look out for the ‘Animal Test-Free’ logo or the ‘PETA Approved Global Animal Test Policy’ logo.

Be more... reusable

It couldn’t be easier to reduce our waste footprints than by building reusable products into our everyday routines. They’re made to last, so you can kiss goodbye to single-use items once and for all.

DenTek Earth Friendly Sustainable Birch Wood Mixed Pack (£3.25) is a reusable interdental brush with handles made from recyclable, sustainable Birch Wood.  Effective at removing food and plaque in between your teeth where a toothbrush can’t reach thanks to its thin bristles, so you can be ultra-clean and ultra-green!

And there you have it, a few small ways to make a BIG difference this World Earth Day. Who said you can’t change the world?

*Contains no animal products or animal derived products.

**To claim cruelty-free, brands should be accredited by PETA or Cruelty Free International.