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Give your make-up bag and your beauty budget a boost with our pick of the colours of 2024, all for less than £10


A true statement shade, red make-up packs a punch but can be dialled up or down a little or a lot. ‘Nod to the trend by making it a detail in your regular make-up – maybe a blended eyeliner, or in the waterline – alongside plenty of black mascara,’ says Linda Andersson, who created these looks. ‘Red is also a really great colour to enhance blue eyes.’ When it comes to red lips, longevity is key: ‘Powder between layers of lipstick – using a lip liner as a base – and stick to matte shades for a longer-lasting effect. If you haven’t found your perfect red yet, a warm shade often goes well with darker skin tones, while cooler reds suit lighter skin best.’


A pretty and romantic shade – for 2024’s twist on pink, wear it all over for a monochromatic feel. For blush, it’s all in the placement; you’ll get a different effect depending on where you wear it. ‘Apply on the apples of the cheeks for a plumping, rosy-cheeked effect or on the cheekbones and towards the temples for a lifting effect,’ explains Linda. ‘If you have a favourite pink lip colour that you’d like to use as a stain, as in this look, simply place the colour in the centre of the lip and blend out with a finger. If you have a little extra colour left on your finger, use it as a smidge of blusher and blend it in. Finish with a lip balm if you want added moisture.’


With such a bold shade of eyeliner, mistakes can be obvious. Linda has this advice to get it perfect every time: ‘Start with drawing a regular line, following the lashes, then look straight into a mirror and find the middle of the lid – normally slightly above the crease. Apply dots with a skin-coloured pencil and draw a line through the dots. If you’re unsure, draw the whole line with skin-coloured pencil first.’

If you want to nod to the trend but tone it down a bit, ‘Wear your usual black liner but add a neon flick on the end, and keep skin light and fresh. For lips, add a lip balm or dewy colour that enhances your natural lip shade.’


Blue shadow might prompt retro beauty nostalgia for some, but you can embrace its renaissance in 2024 using bold blends and confident shapes. ‘To keep it fresh and modern, go for a bright tone,’ says Linda. ‘Avoid pearlescent accents that might make it look a little 80s, but remember, most people can wear blue eyeshadow because it compliments blue and brown eyes. To create this look, I started by drawing the shape with a cobalt blue eye pencil and then smudged the colour into the eyelid. I then applied bright blues on the outer corners of the lids, finishing with a touch of matte white in the inner corners.’

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