Whether it’s a headache or back pain, we talk you through some natural alternatives to medication 

What is pain?

Pain can occur in any part of the body and can be mild, moderate or severe. It can also be classed as acute or chronic. Acute pain usually comes on suddenly, as a result of a cut or sprain, for example. Whereas chronic pain is more long-term, lasting for longer than 12 weeks.

Can I treat pain naturally?

Often when we experience pain, our first thought is to reach for the painkillers. Paracetamol and ibuprofen can be good for helping to manage mild to moderate pain, however there are also a number of ways to help manage your pain naturally, if you choose to do so.

Gentle exercise (if you’re up to it)

Firstly, always speak to your doctor before taking up any new exercise if you’re in pain. Everyday activities like walking and swimming can ease some types of muscle and joint aches and pains directly by blocking pain signals to the brain. If you’re concerned about doing more damage by exercising, try increasing your activity levels gradually.


Yoga is a great way to help relieve symptoms associated with chronic pain conditions like osteoarthritis, back pain and migraines. So, if you’re able to after speaking to your doctor, roll out your yoga mat and pick a pose. Yoga places equal emphasis on physical fitness and mental wellbeing. It involves transporting the body to a place of deep relaxation. Ahhh!

Yoga pays close attention to breathing techniques to free the mind of worries and distractions, as well as improving strength and flexibility. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to find your zen!

Tens machines

Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machines can temporarily relieve pain and muscle aches by stimulating the nervous system to block the pain signals to the spinal cord and brain.

The battery-operated device has leads connected to sticky pads called electrodes that you attach directly to your skin. Mild electrical pulses are delivered which may help relax muscles and may also stimulate the production of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers. Speak to your doctor before trying TENS.

This gel provides long-lasting relief from joint and rheumatic pain. It targets pain and inflammation when applied to the local site of muscle or back pain.

Fast, simple, temporary pain-relief whenever you need it. Simply place the Paingone Plus on the area you wish to use it and press the activating button once. No leads, pads or gels, just effective targeted pain relief in 30 seconds.

If your pain is getting worse, doesn’t improve or you’re worried about it, always speak to your doctor.


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