Read our tips to host an unforgettable celebration for mum-to-be & their expected arrival

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the imminent arrival of a little one. They don't have to be difficult to arrange, or expensive for those bringing gifts. Follow this guide to help an expectant mum enjoy a stress-free few hours with her loved ones.

No pressure

Pregnancy can be tiring, so the last thing an expectant mum wants is the stress of a hectic event. If you’re taking charge of the planning and want to keep things hush-hush, it could still be good to discuss certain details (such as the guest list) with her in advance – let’s be honest, you want her to really love it! But most importantly, encourage your guest of honour to relax and have fun.

Little must-haves

Don't pressurise guests into buying presents (particularly not expensive ones) as it’s possible that not everyone will be able to. Instead, you could consider organising a group present and ask for a small contribution from any guests who want to get involved. Alternatively, hint at little necessities such as muslin cloths, bibs or other practical gifts.

Something for mum

Once baby's born, they're likely to be showered with gifts. So why not buy something special for mum-to-be instead? It could even be something as simple as volunteering to babysit once baby is here – she’ll be more grateful than you think!

The whole family

Partners and other children can often get forgotten in the busy run-up to birth. It will probably mean a lot to your guest of honour if you invite them along to the bash too, they’re her nearest and dearest after all.

Keep things casual

Sometimes tea, cakes and a chat with friends and family members is all expectant mum needs. So, remember not to put too much pressure on yourself as party planner and enjoy the special day with mum-to-be before her little bundle of joy arrives.

Post-birth essentials

With the countdown on for that special moment, be prepared with these must-haves for mum and baby: