The Hipp Story The Hipp Story

Pictured: Claus Hipp, current owner of HiPP, with his son Stefan.

The HiPP story – one of innovation, pioneering farming methods and trust

At HiPP we’ve always been there for the most precious in life. For over 100 years we’ve been pioneering new techniques to produce the healthiest and most natural baby food and milk.

Since launch, when Joseph Hipp made a rusk-based cereal to help his wife feed their twins, through to our groundbreaking move to organic production 60 years ago, we’ve experienced lots of breakthrough moments of farming innovations. Today, three generations later, we continue to lead the way making the very best products for your little one.

Hard work for great results – a little care and attention makes all the difference

We work hand in hand with nature to produce the finest ingredients and we will stop at nothing to ensure we make the best products for you and your baby. Our quality standards go way beyond EC Organic Farming Regulations, which we believe every family has a right to expect, especially when it comes to their little ones.

The HIPP Story

Naturally better – we’re reaping the rewards of innovative organic farming

Our vegetables and fruit are grown naturally without harmful pesticides. We even encourage nature’s little helpers in the form of ladybirds, birds and hedgehogs to lend a hand with the farming by keeping our produce safe from pesky slugs, bugs and snails. Meat is reared using only organic methods, fish is sourced from sustainable catches and only fruits with a naturally low acidity level are selected to ensure full flavour for your baby’s taste buds.

The HIPP Story

A full selection– from formula milks to weaning and toddler foods

All of this has led to the biggest range of organic feeding products, including the only complete range of organic formula milks in the UK, right through to a full selection of weaning and toddler foods. 10 out of 10 mums agreed their baby seemed happier on HiPP Organic milk*. And when your little one is ready to start weaning, HiPP Organic will provide them with a great start. Our pouches come in over 35 recipes to choose from containing not only organically grown fruit, vegetables and cereals, they are also free from airborne pollutants too!

* 99.8% of 515 mums using HiPP Organic who have changed from a different brand, agreed either ‘strongly’ (62.5%) or ‘slightly’ (37.3%) with the statement ‘my baby seems happier’. Research conducted July 2013.

The HIPP Story

The HiPP promise

  • Over 100 year heritage
  • Still family-run after three generations
  • All production subject to the most rigorous testing, way beyond EC Organic Farming Regulations
  • No harmful pesticides or GM ingredients
  • All ingredients grown and produced on inspected organic farms
The HIPP Story

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