Keep your complexion cool, calm & collected with these top skin hydrators formulated to help protect & soothe your skin

If you have rosacea, chances are that you’ve become a pro at steering clear of the things that can lead to irritation. Common triggers can include alcohol, hot drinks, spicy foods and aerobic exercise such as running – but what about your skincare? 

While cosmetic skincare products are not treatments for rosacea, a well-formulated moisturiser may help to hydrate and soothe your skin and not trigger symptoms.

What should you look for and what’s best to avoid if you have rosacea-prone or redness-prone sensitive skin? Here’s what you need to know when shopping for a moisturiser to keep your skin well-hydrated from dusk to dawn.

Which moisturisers are suitable for use in rosacea-prone skin?

When choosing a moisturiser, always look out for gentle formulas that have been created for sensitive skin and are designed to provide all-day hydration.

Choosing products that have no or minimal fragrance in them is a good place to start as it can be a common irritant. “Look for additional soothing ingredients such as niacinamide and ceramides to help reduce redness and reinforce the skin barrier,” advises consultant dermatologist Dr Thivi Maruthappu. . Lighter formulations and products labelled as non-comedogenic, are less likely to cause pore blockages and breakouts.

Can moisturisers trigger rosacea symptoms?

Moisturisers can trigger rosacea symptoms if they contain products which might irritate your skin. Try to avoid ingredients that have the potential to weaken your barrier function. “Moisturisers rich in fragrance, essential oils and actives such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids and retinol can sometimes be problematic for rosacea-prone skin,” cautions Dr Maruthappu. “Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid in acne treatments may also be an issue, too.”

When it comes to your moisturiser, keep things simple – the gentler the formula, the better. Oh, and remember to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF30 on top every day. It’s important to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays regardless of skin conditions but it’s even more so for those with rosacea-prone skin as sunlight can trigger or worsen symptoms.

Look for sunscreens specifically formulated for sensitive skin types or ones that include mineral sun filters like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (as opposed to chemical ones) as they are generally better tolerated by sensitive skin types.

Our pick of moisturisers for rosacea-prone & redness-prone sensitive skin

If you have rosacea-prone or redness-prone sensitive skin, you should choose a moisturiser that’s formulated with your needs in mind. We’ve put together a list to help make this decision a little easier.

Looking for a soothing day cream?

Try: Eucerin Anti-Redness Soothing Rosacea Care Day Cream for Hypersensitive Skin

• Size: 50ml

• Fragrance-free

• Non-comedogenic

Full of skin softening ingredients and two active ingredients – SymSitive, a sensitivity regulator, and licorice extract, a skin soother – this cream works a treat when it comes to helping to calm and moisturise reactive and redness-prone skin types. 

Looking for a mild formulation?

Try: Grahams Natural Skin Rosacea Cream

• Size: 75g

• Fragrance-free

Containing mild anti-irritants and soothing emollients, this cream may help to alleviate redness and relieve dryness.

If you have sensitive skin prone to redness, we’ve put together some gentle and hydrating picks that may fit the bill. Whether you’re looking for something non-comedogenic or tinted, we’ve got you covered.

On the hunt for something lighter weight?

Try: Avène Antirougeurs Day Cream SPF30 Moisturiser for Skin Prone to Redness

• Size: 40ml

• SPF30

This rich day cream – designed with the needs of dry to very dry sensitive skin types in mind – provides benefits in both the short- and long-term. As well as soothing Avène Thermal Spring Water, it also contains ingredients to relieve discomfort and overheating, hydrate and strengthen the skin barrier. What’s more, it also has a green tint to help neutralise redness. No wonder it’s one of Dr Maruthappu’s top picks.

Looking for a lighter moisturiser for an added dose of hydration?

Try: Clinique Moisture Surge™ SPF25 Sheer Hydrator 50ml 

This Clinique moisturiser with aloe vera bio-ferment, hyaluronic acid complex and pro-vitamin D sinks into skin for deep, all-day hydration.

• Size: 50ml

In need of a multitasking base?

Try: IT Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC+ Cream with SPF50

• Size: 32ml

• SPF50

• Medium to full coverage

• 12 shades

This multitasking base containing niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, calming aloe leaf extract and more, answers a range of skincare and coverage needs. Creamy and buildable, a little goes a long way. 

Searching for a nighttime skincare upgrade?

Try: CeraVe PM Facial Moisturising Lotion

• Size: 52ml

• Fragrance-free

• Non-comedogenic 

As well as three ceramides to support the skin barrier, you’ll also find calming niacinamide and hydrating glycerin in this lightweight, non-greasy night cream. A great bedtime skincare upgrade for your routine, which we’ve found works brilliantly during the day, too.

On the hunt for a targeted solution?

Try: No7 Derm Solutions™ Rosacea Treatment 25ml

• Size:25ml

• Specially formulated for rosacea-prone skin

• Calms and reduces redness

This targeted treatment is designed to address the specific needs of rosacea skin. Formulated with soothing ingredients, it can help with reducing redness and irritation while helping to maintain the skin barrier.

Want to try a tinted moisturiser?

Try: Cetaphil PRO Redness Prone Skin Tinted Moisturising Day Cream SPF 30 with Glycerin 50ml

• Size:50ml

• Dermatologically tested

• No added fragrance

• Non-comedogenic

This formula combines the benefits of a tinted moisturiser with the protective power of SPF 30, making it a great addition to your daily skincare routine.

With its lightweight and non-greasy texture, this day cream provides hydration throughout the day thanks to the inclusion of glycerin, which helps to draw moisture into the skin and lock it in. The tinted formulation works to even out your skin tone, reducing the appearance of redness and providing a natural, radiant finish.

Struggling with sensitive redness-prone skin?

Try: Tolpa Dermo Face Rosacal Strengthening Soothing SPF10 Cream (Day) 40ml

• Size:40ml

• Helps to reduce redness and irritation

• Lightweight and easily absorbed

This day cream is formulated to soothe your skin, offering daily protection and care. With its blend of ingredients, this cream works to help calm irritation and reduce redness. Lightweight and easily absorbed, it’s perfect for daily use. It not only hydrates, but also helps to reinforce the skin barrier, making your skin more resilient against environmental aggressors. As it’s suitable for sensitive skin types, it can provide the nurturing care your skin needs to stay healthy and radiant.

Looking for a night cream that can help to soothe sensitive, redness-prone skin?

Try: Tolpa Dermo Face Rosacal Strengthening Regenerating Cream (Night) 40ml

• Size: 40ml

• Helps to support the skin’s natural repair process

• Rich and nourishing formula

Packed with powerful ingredients, this night cream helps to calm irritation and reduce appearance of redness. Its rich, nourishing formula can help to support the skin’s natural repair process, helping your skin to feel softer with each use.

Ideal for sensitive skin, this cream absorbs easily without leaving a greasy residue, making it a perfect addition to your night-time skincare routine.

Whether you prefer a lightweight day cream, a nourishing night treatment, or a multitasking base, there are options available to suit your needs. Remember, your skincare routine should be as unique as your skin, so take the time to find what works best for you. Embrace these hydrating heroes and keep your skin cool, calm, and collected all day long.

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