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SupportRoom on-demand therapy is just a click away. You can communicate with a therapist, coach or mentor via in-app messaging, voice messages, video messages and one-to-one 30 minute video sessions. Start your journey today with no waiting times.

All our professionals are fully qualified and offer confidential, convenient, online support.

Receive access to self-help tools, holistic health insights, a journal and a wellness resource centre within a single app, while the professional assigned to you is with you every step of the way. 


- Support when you need it.

- Ability to choose most suitable plan for your needs.

- On-demand resources to suit you.

- Correspond through text, voice message, or live video.*

- Totally confidential.

- No waiting. No judgement. Expert therapists.


- Stress 

- Anxiety and depression

- Low mood

- Work-related stress

- Phobias

- Bereavement

- Addiction

- Sleep disorders

- Relationship issues

- Anger issues 


Begin your therapy journey and start thriving


Between the hours of 9am and 10pm (UK time), you can immediately connect and communicate with a therapist. If it’s before 9am, you can hit the urgent alert button on the app or via the SupportRoom website. In this scenario, the therapist assigned to you will communicate with you, if they are able to do so.

Our unique matching process is what makes SupportRoom such a successful platform for our users.

You’ll complete a questionnaire after you’ve signed up that helps us understand your needs; we use this questionnaire to find the most appropriate therapist for you.

We’re careful to find the best match - it’s different from merely picking someone out of a directory.

We understand that the client-therapist relationship is significant, so this matching process is a service we are proud to provide at SupportRoom.

Our friendly, experienced team of therapists are just a few clicks away.

You only need to book an appointment for video sessions. For messaging, voice notes or video messaging, our professionals are typically available to communicate everyday, for large parts of the day, within our operating hours between 9am and 10pm. You can see when they are online on the app or the SupportRoom website, or when they will be active during the day.

At SupportRoom, we have an extensive, nationwide network of licensed therapists. We do not use interns or therapists who are not fully licensed and still under supervision. All of our therapists have over 3,000 hours of clinical experience.

Support Room therapists have additional training in specific approaches to therapy which include cognitive behavioral therapy, existential-humanistic, dialectical behavioral therapy, psychodynamic, mindfulness and more.

We also have a Board of Advisors who include prominent professionals that are experts in the healthcare space and help ensure that our service is effective.

We have three packages available:

  • £40 per month for unlimited text and voice messaging
  • £90 per month for unlimited text and voice messaging and two video sessions per month
  • £150 per month for unlimited text and voice messaging and four video sessions per month

Subscriptions can be set up weekly or monthly; you can select a package that works for you.

SupportRoom is available from anywhere with an internet connection, using WiFi or through your mobile phone data connection. As long as you can get a signal, you can receive support.

By clicking Get Started, we're taking you to SupportRoom. Any information you provide will be subject to SupportRoom's privacy & security policies

More healthcare advice, services & products. Your health, your way*

*Live video available on selected plans.

**Eligibility criteria & charges apply. By clicking Get Started we’re taking you to SupportRoom. Any information you provide will be subject to SupportRoom’s privacy & security policies.

It's time to prioritise your wellbeing with SupportRoom. You can communicate with a therapist, coach or mentor online, whenever you need to, via text and voice messaging or, on selected plans, live video. Support Room therapy provides on-demand therapy, powered by AI insights, so that you can access self-help tools, journals and a wellness resource centre within a single app, at any time.

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