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Pain Advice
Pain relief

Pain can come in so many forms and often strikes at the most inconvenient moment. Sometimes the easiest option is to take a paracetemol and hope for the best, but that’s not always the most suitable solution for the type of pain you’re experiencing. Whether you need a quick fix for a headache or stomach ache or whether you’re managing long-term pain, Boots have an option to help you move past pain.

Ease discomfort with anti-inflammatory drugs or pain relief medicines such as ibuprofenparacetamol and aspirin (always read the label). For localised problems, a pain relief gel gets to work quickly, while hot and cold pain relief patches are a good option for sore muscles. If back pain or period pain is getting you down, a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machine could help. Or did you know that lower back pain may start at your feet? Our range of orthotics and insoles may provide relief to back pain as well as discomfort in the feet. We also stock a wide range of products to support joint health including tablets, capsules and body supports. If you’re looking for pain relief for your little one, we have a dedicated kid’s fever and pain relief section to find all of your child-friendly essentials.