Hana® is a contraceptive pill that is conveniently available to buy in store or online at Boots.

Hana® is a progestogen-only pill (POP) that can be used by women of childbearing age to prevent pregnancy – it is proven to be more than 99% effective when taken correctly. No other contraceptive pill is more effective.**

Hana® is available without a prescription and without having to arrange a face-to-face doctor’s appointment.* You can buy one or threemonth packs in store or online with discreet home delivery or Click & Collect at your local Boots.

Hana® 75µg film-coated tablets contain desogestrel and are an oral contraceptive for women of childbearing age to prevent pregnancy. Always read the instructions on the package leaflet carefully.

*Hana®, progestogen-only contraceptive pill without a prescription. Supplied under supervision of a pharmacist. Subject to stock availability.

**To validate: www.hana.co.uk/verify

^As with all medicines people are taking, it is important to notify your GP that you are taking these medicines so that they are aware when considering other treatments. There is no need for any additional check-ups with the GP, but it is important that women continue to have regular smear tests (cervical screening) while taking Hana.