Roll up, roll up with this glam look

The greatest show is in town and you’re invited to create an easy Halloween clown look. There’s no juggling or squirting flowers needed this Halloween, as it’s time to clown around with this super glam look (big shoes optional).

Bold, bright eyes

Apply your base as you normally would (flawless as always) then help your eye shadow stay put by adding a touch of concealer to your eyelids. Now it’s time for the main event, so apply your chosen pink eye shadow all over your lids, and gently buff out. Apply a touch of concealer to your lids to help neutralise the colour, and then pack on a bold blue shadow and buff gently. Finish the eyes with a touch of glitter in the inner corners, blue liner on the upper and lower waterline, and of course some big, bold lashes

Draw those clown lines

Take a blue liquid or pencil liner and slowly draw the clown markings on your face – start with circles just below your hairline, then long triangles stopping just before your brows. Draw the same mirrored effect under your eyes, and finish with a circle on the tip of your nose. Go back over any shapes to help define them. 

The cir-kiss is in town

Take a nudey-pink lip liner and draw around your lips, then go back and fill them in to create a lasting base for your lipstick. Apply a similar shade of matte liquid lipstick all over your lips and gently smack together. Add a touch of concealer with your ring finger, and then finish with a layer of clear lip gloss.