Get all the scaredy cats running for the hills this Halloween with our scary cat make-up look. Practise makes purrfect, so try this look out before the big night for a terrifying transformation

Purrfect your base

To start off your Scary Cat Halloween make-up, build your foundation base with a beauty blender. Follow with a light shade of concealer under your eyes and eyebrows and blend. Set with powder. Using a pencil, fill in your brows and brush through.

Time for the pawsome cat eye make-up

Apply black eyeshadow over your lids and blend. Add black eyeshadow to the beginning of your brows and extend slightly down the nose.

To create a stunning feline flick, add black eyeliner to the edge of your eye and extend over the top of your eyelash line. Finish with a flick in the inner corner of your eye. Then, using a small eyeshadow brush, sweep black eyeshadow under your bottom lash line and blend well.

Now for the nose

Sweep a contour brush over your dark powder and contour your cheekbones, forehead and the edges of your nose. Draw an oval shape on your nose with black liquid eyeliner and fill in. Extend the eyeliner from the tip of your nose to the middle of your cupid’s bow.

The Scary cat make-up mouth

Here’s where it gets tricky. Using the same black liquid eyeliner, begin drawing the outline of your mouth. Start by drawing a line from the edge of your mouth to the middle of your cheekbones on both sides. Then draw a short line mirroring your lip line in the middle of your chin.

Connect your cat nose to your mouth by drawing a thick line from your nose to the middle of your upper lip. Using your cupid’s bow as a guide draw two small thick lines either side of the middle line to create a small triangle.

Next, draw a line from either side of your cupid’s bow to join up to the top of the contour line on your cheekbones. This should make a shape similar to a long triangle. Then from either side of the line on your chin, create a line that joins up to the bottom of the contour line.

For the Scary Cat make-up teeth, draw spikes in the mouth that join up with one another to create a teeth-like zig-zag effect. Repeat what you’ve just done at the top, to the bottom of the mouth. Colour in the centre of the mouth with your black liquid liner. Then, fill in the teeth with white liquid liner.

Your finishing feline touches​​​​​​​

Apply your favourite mascara to your lashes and for extra volume, use false lashes. To finish, draw a few short whiskers on your cheeks. You’re meow ready to make them drop dead at your feet.