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Dying your hair no longer has to be an expensive trip to the hairdressers. There are so many brilliant hair dyes at your local Boots that will make your hair look and feel great. Want to become a bottle blonde? Or feel like rocking two shades? There is a hair dye for you.

There are now so many different types of products that you can use to dye your hair. Gone are the days of hair destroying chemicals. Now, your hair will stay in perfect condition no matter what colour of the rainbow you want.

If you feel that hair colour may be a bit too permanent, then there are plenty of options. Try BLEACH’s hair crayon, or their Super Cool Colours- we love Washed Up Mermaid.

Touching up roots is one of those chores that seem to permanently stay on the to do list. Now, thanks to products like L’Oreal Magic Retouch Spray, it’s easier than ever to get that ‘salon’ feeling!  

Returning to your original hair colour doesn’t mean months of awkward, two tone hair. Put that hat away, all you need is hair colour remover. There’s no need to live with regrettable hair dying decisions anymore!

Remember: hair dye isn’t just for women! Gentlemen, there are plenty of products available for you too. The classic Just For Men has a great range of hair dye, designed to keep you looking chic. 

Remember to use your Boots Advantage Card when you’re picking up your hair dye. With four points for every pound spent, you can rejuvenate your wallet as well as your hair!