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Deciding to start a family is a life changing decision. Before you start trying for a baby there are many things you can do to prepare your body for pregnancy. By following a healthy diet and taking recommended vitamins, like Folic Acid, you are preparing your body for pregnancy. Pregnancy tests have developed over the years to be more accurate and the technology used in them has advanced. Some pregnancy tests can not only tell you digitally if you are pregnant but also an estimate of how many weeks pregnant you are. Other pregnancy tests can help you to find out if you are pregnant up to 6 days before your period is due. Many women are unsure at what point during their menstrual cycle they are the most fertile. During the peak of your menstrual cycle, the body releases an increased amount of LH hormones. An ovulation test is able to show you a 2 day window when you're at the peak of fertility. When starting to use ovulation testing, it is recommended you start with packs that contain 20 tests, as this will enable you to understand your menstrual cycle in more detail. As an alternative product, you may find the Clearblue Fertility monitor is more suitable. The Clearblue Fertility monitor monitors your fertility by using urine samples to measure for an increase in LH hormones and can give you a 5 day window where your chances of conceiving are increased. Duo Fertility was developed for couples who have found the above products may not have worked for them and are looking for more guidance on fertility. If you have any concerns whilst trying for a baby seek medical advice from your doctor.